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Creative & Productive Activities to Learn at Home

Step up your creativity and productivity skills at home by learning a new hobby

Brush up on your art skills

Whether it’s Chinese ink painting, watercolouring or plain doodling, learning a new art skill can open up mental creativity, as a temporary stray away from mundane hunching at the laptop. Visual arts is known for its soothing benefits and can bring calm and clarity during difficult times. Set up a simple studio space, plug in some inspiring tunes, and grab a paintbrush and pad to produce something proudly yours. And even if you think you’re not born a natural, art is subjective anyway right?

Coffee & tea brewing

Whilst visiting coffee shops and tea houses remain a core part of some of our daily morning rituals, sometimes busy work-from-home schedules don’t allow for time to venture out and grab that cuppa on the go, all the time. That’s why many of these caffeine vendors offer home brews to indulge in from home – either via in-store purchases, online deliveries, or subscription services. Test your barista skills by making your own home coffee and tea fixes without having to move much further than from your desk to the kitchen kettle.

DIY soap

Washing your hands as thoroughly as possible is one of the core ways to improve self hygiene amidst these unprecedented times. Hand sanitisers and antibacterial soaps are a must, so why not give it a try at home for a creative hand washing experience? Peek through existing soap recipes and then rummage through the fridge to make an all-natural, homemade washer for clean hands.

Basket weaving

Boho bucket bags and straw hats are re-making their appearances. Prepare for the weather – and fashion trends – by learning to make your own weaved basket to be placed around the house, or converted into a shoulder bag come sunny days.

Learn a language

Free apps and online learning tools have made it easier than ever to muster up a new skill. The same goes for language. Whilst we can’t whisk away to France to pick up some new phrases by visiting cafes and meeting locals, there’s an alternative for the moment. Take the time at home to download online courses, meet language tutors, and watch more foreign TV programmes to gradually integrate learning a new language into your daily routine.

Read (and finish) a new book

There’s no shortage of options on books to delve into, no matter your taste in genre. Switch off your electronics for an hour a day – preferably before bedtime – and pick your novel, whether you’re into the classics or some modern sci-fi. Pay homage to your not-so-long-ago New Year’s resolutions to read more, and follow through with your promises by finishing a new and noteworthy book.

Bake or cook

Celebrities and influencers around the world are doing it – taking out old-school cookbooks and online recipes to play masterchef at home. If you’ve been eyeing up social media foodies’ creations, why not try it yourself? Spend a day indoors cooking up a new homemade dish to be indulged in solo, or with loved ones to show off some self-taught cooking skills.

Mindful practice

One of the easiest ways to unwind after a long day is by practicing yoga or meditation. Now is a time to embrace the art of self-awareness and be thankful for the positives in life, even during tough situations. Hop online to find a simple 30-minute meditation tutorial if you’re a beginner or follow a yoga routine to tap into mental clarity and release accumulated tension in the mind.


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