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Debunking Tummy Binding Myths With The Experts: Restoring Mums


The tummy binding service provider market is becoming increasingly saturated but only a few make it among the best with the top trusted recommendations. Such an example is Restoring Mums, founded by Karen Loke, a mother of three and entrepreneur who discovered the secrets of massage therapy and abdominal binding that helped restore her figure after the birth of her latest child. The brand has been helping mothers since 2011 and with the support of Loke's meticulous attention to detail and experience in holistic and therapeutic treatments, she's helping us debunk the myths that often crop up, as well as the lesser-known facts, when it comes to tummy binding FAQs.

Restoring Mums

Restoring Mums

Restoring Mums is a Hong Kong-born company that believes in supporting women to restore their own well-being following the birth of a child. Treatments are designed to help recovery and the signature SLIMUM® Treatment facilitates body figure restoration and body rehabilitation after the post-partum stress that the body undergoes.

Restoring Mums

1. There is no 'golden time' to do this treatment

There's a common misconception that there must be a specific time period to do the treatment, when in fact, there is no 'golden time' for it. Restoring Mums' patented Slimum® Treatment can be workable for mums who gave birth 10+ years ago.

Restoring Mums

2. Tummy binding is only one part of the many benefits of the treatment

Tummy binding is the main part of the treatment but at Restoring Mums, the products formulated by the founder are key elements of the process thanks to their restorative benefits.

Restoring Mums

3. Tummy binding is not for slimming

Restoring Mums works to improve the body's physiology by using natural ingredients and pure bodywork to basically improve wellness from within. The founder and her company believe a body that’s functioning at its optimum would not need unnecessary fats, or have belatedness, just to name a few conditions. No matter the stage of your pregnancy, Restoring Mums can support and restore your holistic needs. The Pregnancy Massage is popular for its therapeutic bodywork and the Womb Wellness therapy draws on Malay Arvigo Techniques.

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