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DJ, Producer and Label CEO Hallex M Shares His Top 5 Tips To Get the Dance Floor Moving

Based in Hong Kong since 2011, Hallex M began his career as a DJ in 1996 in Bordeaux, France where he also became an event organiser. He has since hosted events in Bordeaux, Paris, Miami, Amsterdam, Bali, and now – Hong Kong. We chat to the DJ on his top tips to get the dance floor moving.

1) Remember: All Dance Floors Have A Different Crowd

All dancefloors have a different crowd. That means there's different music preferences and expectations. So you have to be open-minded even if you're only playing one specific genre of music such as House music. You can always find the right groove to create the perfect vibe each time. Sometimes depending on the venue (for example in Hong Kong, we have a lot of hotels, lounges and chill terraces where people don’t come to dance but still want to feel the groove) you have to match the vibe of the venue, type of drinks, and sound quality, everything needs to complement each other, that’s the key. You cannot play some big House hits with a big sub-bass if the sound system doesn't support it. It doesn’t make sense as the sound system will not deliver the full effect of the track. Like you can play the same hit track in two different places, but the perception will be totally different depending on the crowd (it can be perfect for the dance floor, too aggressive or too chill).

2) The Energy Depends On The DJ

All DJs can play the same tracks in the same place, but the difference will be the energy transmitted by the DJ. This can be done by adding some FX, dropping the bass at the right moment, or even just seeing how the DJ feels the song.

3) Share Different Music Tastes And Bring Surprises

Some DJs just want to play the latest tracks from the top 10 charts, or even just what people expect to hear. I personally prefer to share all my tastes in music and try to play a few tracks that people don’t expect to hear that night. I like Latino, Afro, Disco, House, Techno, 90’s Hip Hop, Reggae... So even if my night is a House music event, I will try to mix up a few of these genres and always finish my night with some classic, happy, chill songs to calm the crowd and put a smile on their faces before they leave the venue.

4) It's A Moment To Share

I always tell myself "don't be afraid to enjoy your music behind the decks", even though I’m a shy person in general. Sing with the crowd, share the show with other DJs, and don’t try to be a star, but instead share the experience with everyone involved – that's how you make the night unforgettable.

5) It's All About The Energy Exchange Between The DJ And The Crowd

It’s always good to have a few friends around who support your performances and spread good energy around you. It’s good for the DJ and for the shy crowd.

All images courtesy of Hallex M.


Bio: Instabio | Spotify: Hallex M | Instagram: @hallexmofficial


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