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Dough Bros Serves Scrumptious Artisanal Sourdough Pizzas & Fun-Filled Doughnuts

Pizza joints in Hong Kong are more popular than ever thanks to the upsurge in demand for cheesy indulgence—which no longer requires a guilty call to local fast food caterers. Although pizza is embedded in many menus, it’s difficult to find specialists who only focus on what they do best. Dough Bros takes you back to simpler times, a simple hole-in-the-wall setup for quick takeouts or stand-up socialising. Expanding from its flagship Happy Valley location to Soho and now Kennedy Town, the pizza place continues to serve its signature pizzas and crowd-favourite doughnuts. We stopped by for a quick bite to see what the hype was about.

Image courtesy of Dough Bros

A casual ambiance

You won’t need to dress to impress when stopping by any of Dough Bros intimate locations, but it certainly makes a casual first-date spot. Each small pizza joint is fitted with only a few stools and small tables for a relaxing pitstop vibe.

Image courtesy of Shannon Dawson | Cha Siu Papers Times

Dough Bros has risen to fame from its coveted sourdough recipe. Each artisanal pizza is chewy with crispy crusts—the perfect pizza. Favourites include The Sophisticated and The Works. We also love the enticing selection of local and international beers—we opted for a refreshing Peroni.

Image courtesy of Dough Bros

For dessert, the sweet doughnuts are filled with Nutella, custard or jam—or all three, ideally.

Image courtesy of Shannon Dawson | Cha Siu Papers Times

Guests can takeout or eat-in. Plus, it’s super dog-friendly.

Dough Bros (multiple locations), 68-70A Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2398 9042,


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