Experience Exemplary, Authentic Omakase at Kaké


Omakase [お任せ] is the Japanese dining experience that places you, the diner, completely in the adept hands of your skilled chef, granting him full creative authority over your appetite’s adventure. Your job is to show up with an empty stomach and open mind and allow your chief executive sushi savant to shape your evening, and honestly, if I could eat this way every night, I would. In a world that consistently seems to cater to finicky and fussy preferences borne out of no other reason than habit and an unwillingness to develop their palate, the omakase menu is the ultimate gastronomic odyssey for the diner with a limitless enthusiasm for Japanese cuisine which has often been argued to be the most disciplined and sophisticated cuisine to master. CSP Times' contributor Daniella Wu checks out Kaké for an exceptional omakase experience in London.

Image courtesy of Daniella Wu | CSP Times

Perched on the sushi bar counter table in an intimate unpretentious, traditional Japanese former sake bar almost entirely furnished with gleaming wood both pale and dark in the heart of Knightsbridge, Belgravia, my dining partner and I sipped on glasses of nutty, fresh-tasting Iki Na Onna Sake. We were informed by the chef that the venue we’d sat in was just a temporary one for them and their Knightsbridge address has now closed, though you should keep an eye out on social media or join up with their mailing list to follow the news of their new restaurant venue, and trust us, you want to look out for this.