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Get Fit For Life With ATP Personal Training


Hong Kong's fitness industry gained immense popularity in recent years in line with the increasing awareness of the importance of staying fit. At ATP Personal Training, the focus is on improving the health and fitness of their clients and enabling them to sustain these changes and live healthier, happier and more balanced lives. The personal trainer company tailors programmes for clients looking to achieve a personal fitness goal with the support of experts. Not sure what to expect? We delve into the background and steps taken at ATP Fitness to meet your healthy needs.

How it works

ATP Personal Training begins with a consultation to explore your personal goals and what it is you'd like to achieve over a certain time period. The brand offers a lifestyle-focused D.N.A plan that focuses on three pillars of the programmes, as well as the principles on creating a sustainable health and fitness routine. One size doesn't fit all, meaning ATP Personal Training allocates a coach to tailor your personal training programme. This is based on your history, physiology, current circumstances and future aspirations and together with you, they define and agree on clear, safe, and realistic goals.

Based on your input, ATP Fitness designs and implements a science-based holistic approach across three dimensions: your D.N.A.™

  • Daily Routine

  • Nutrition

  • Activity

Your personal trainer will work with you to enable you to make informed choices, provide ongoing feedback both during personal training but also outside of 'gym hours' and measure performance.

Expect results, fast

A winning aspect of ATP Personal Training is that it offers results, fast. That's not to say it doesn't require hard work—all good things do, but with the motivational support from the experienced team, you'll be leaving feeling pumped after every session.

"Too many of our clients tell us they wished they'd come to us sooner to avoid pouring hours of effort, and literally, blood, sweat and tears into a process that didn't yield results" — ATP Personal Training

ATP Personal Training goes beyond transformation by forming a collaborative relationship and helping to build a flexible, adaptive and sustainable mindset that will go beyond the months working together. "Our goal is to help you to get in the best shape of your life, and maintain it for the rest of your life".

There are different programmes for goals, which are then personalised based on the individual. These include:

For females looking to reduce fat and sustain weight loss

For males looking to reduce fat and sustain weight loss

For males who want to increase muscle and get that Brad Pitt (a la Fight Club) body

For females looking to tone up and lose weight in time for the summer season

For males and females looking to start their fitness journey at a beginner level—with results


The results (pictured above) speak for themselves. ATP Personal Training has decades of experience working alongside beginner (and advanced!) clients in supporting them in their fat loss journey. Integrative methods are proven and work, built on strong scientific foundations and refined according to expert research and experience.

Where to find ATP Fitness

HONG KONG 6th Floor, On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2866 8808,

SINGAPORE #01-01, 105 Cecil Street, Singapore, 069534, +65 6721 9588,

All images courtesy of ATP Personal Training.

CSP Times in paid partnership with ATP Personal Training.


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