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Gourmet Burgers at The Butchers Club


Finding a good burger in Hong Kong was once nearly impossible—most of our options before were limited to fast-food chains and tacky joints. That’s no longer the case, thankfully, as more burger stores have been cropping up around the city in recent years. The Butchers Club launched in 2013, in Aberdeen, initially serving as a—you guessed it—butcher’s shop. After a successful few years of selling premium meats, the branch expanded to dining in 2014, and it now has four outlets. We visited the popular burger stop for a tasting menu, which included duck fat fries, the Impossible burger, and more…

gourmet burgers at the butchers club credit mr ping cha siu papers times


There are currently four The Butchers Club locations in Hong Kong. Its first branch opened in Wan Chai, followed by more openings in Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Taikoo Shing. We tried the Taikoo Shing restaurant, perched amidst the bustling Quarry Bay district, between large office buildings—prime location. Its other locations are also in key, popular areas, ideal for locals and tourists to visit. The Butchers Club also has restaurants in Shenzhen and Bali. The brand is currently planning its next venue to Beijing.

gourmet burgers at the butchers club credit mr ping cha siu papers times

The Dry Ageing Process

The meat-sourcing process, and the cooking, is what The Butchers Club prides itself on. Serving world-class beef and sustainable seafood, the eatery and store bring in fresh produce from a farm in New South Wales, Australia. Dry-aged beef is at the centre of The Butchers Club’s entire operation—and it’s been perfected ever since. This basically means that the large pieces of beef, known as primals, are stored in a climate-controlled room, where the temperature and humidity and low but the air circulation is high. The entire process takes a minimum of 30 days. As a result, the natural enzymes break down the chewy tissue to create a softer,  more buttery texture.

gourmet burgers at the butchers club credit the classic burger with duck fat fries mr ping cha siu papers times

The Food

We tried the classics from the menu, to get a taste of what the Michelin star-recommended eatery specialises in. First, we had The Classic Burger (HK$120), with the signature Duck Fat Fries (HK$33). The burger was as juicy as it looked, whilst the fries were drizzled in just the right amount of oil (or more specifically, duck fat). Definitely seen as a treat meal for most, the combination worked perfectly, and felt like a hearty American meal—without the nasty stuff found in fast food. With the premium meat, came indulgent toppings on the burger, including bacon, cheese, tomato, and special sauce.

gourmet burgers at the butchers club credit the impossible burger with truffle fries mr ping cha siu papers times

Next, we had the Impossible™ Classic Burger (HK$120) accompanied with Sabatino Truffle Fries (HK$43). Truffle is my favourite ingredient, so if any dish has it, it’s always a winner for me. The fries were crispy, and we ordered an extra truffle-mayo sauce which paired well with the rich taste. I have tried quite a few Impossible™ burgers and have yet to be disappointed. It would have, however, been more enticing if there was a bigger range of ingredients involved. The cheese was also vegan, which, although mild in flavour, does bare a very close resemblance to regular cheese, which is very encouraging.

gourmet burgers at the butchers club wings credit mr ping cha siu papers times

Finally, we had the Red Fire Rooster Drumettes, which, lucky for me, wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy. In fact, it was so tasty and tender, that it left me wanting more. It’s hard to find good southern fried chicken in Hong Kong, yet there are hidden gems if you look. The free-range Australian chicken is brined in buttermilk, then fried and dunked in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. On the side? A scrumptious pot of blue cheese.

gourmet burgers at the butchers club credit mr ping cha siu papers times

The Drink

The drinks menu isn’t huge—it keeps things simple. Do you want a soft drink or an alcoholic drink? We opted for the Goose Island Beers, a Chicago-based brewery. Guests can also order a shot of bourbon (if you’re feeling it), or even an ice cream float.

gourmet burgers at the butchers club credit the impossible burger with truffle fries mr ping cha siu papers times


The Butchers Club remains an ultimate go-to for a gourmet burger, and its been serving the Hong Kong dining scene since 2014. Serving as a butcher’s club, an online butcher’s club store, and a dine-in restaurant, the eatery serves a range of burger classics—yet its menu expands to more innovative creations, including the Wu-Tang and the Hogtown. Head to any of their four branches, or order-in, for an indulgent feast—it’s worth it.


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