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Healthy Cantonese Comfort Food at SOHOFAMA (NOW CLOSED)

From the same founder who brought you the much-loved LOCOFAMA, comes SOHOFAMA, a collaboration restaurant with Hong Kong lifestyle brand G.O.D. to continue on its healthy concepts using locally-grown ingredients and chemical-free food—with an even bigger ambition in mind. The goal is not only to provide accessible, healthy meals to its customers but to obtain an overall sustainable experience—from the charity projector room (currently accepting donations for Australia’s endangered wildlife) to the frequent exhibiting of up-and-coming artists. We visited the PMQ restaurant to try the favourite dishes and speak with the owner and founder, Larry Tang.

All images courtesy of Adam Thompson | CSP Times.


SOHOFAMA’s main goal is to promote healthy eating and living happily through its food. Expect only wholesome, organic produce here for guilt-free meals which not only support the local community—but also nourish the body of those consuming it. There is absolutely no MSG, GMO or chicken powder used in the dishes. Flavours are enhanced naturally and through ancient Chinese traditions, with slight, modern Western touches. What I found really inspiring was the family-forward approach at SOHOFAMA, applying each member’s skills into the restaurant—including Larry’s uncle’s craftsmanship of the farmer baskets.

Mini Farm

SOHOFAMA takes a slight twist to the frequently-used term “farm-to-table” and instead, provides an in-house mini farm (thus, bringing the table to the farm!). The outdoor garden grows its own vegetables and herbs, with a desire to teach and inspire people on the benefits of home-grown ingredients—which is easier than what one may think.


Childhood Memories

Thriving on its Cantonese comfort food ethos, SOHOFAMA’s menu may bring back childhood memories for some, of the most classic Chinese dishes which include dim sum and crispy duck. Each dish, however, is updated with a contemporary twist to play on your taste buds.

We started with dim sum dishes including the Slow Cook 48hr Natural US Beef Short Rib Pancake Slider, the Deep Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Organic Vegetable Dumplings (pan-fried) and the Shanghai Xiao Long Bao with Gold Flakes. All the dim sum tasted authentic and delicious—the slow-cooked beef was especially succulent whilst the xiao long bao was a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

The Sautéed Beef Filet with Garlic Shoot & Cha Shu Gu Mushroom came after—one of the restaurant’s signatures, and favourites. Understandably so, the beef was really tender and flavourful and went well with the mushroom combination.

Next, we had the Tea-Smoked Duck with Housemade Pickles—it was quite a lot of meat for one seating but we got to try the best dishes in the restaurant. To go with the meats, we ordered a Spanish Chorizo with Organic Diced Chicken & Prawn Fried Rice, a very fusion dish which worked well together. For drinks, we tried the Plum Sours cocktail which came in a smokey display to be poured in a glass of plums.

It’s safe to say we were absolutely stuffed by the end of this meal—and it was 100% worth it. The staff was very kind and generous to bring out as many dishes for the tasting and even asked us to take away the leftovers.

Wellness at SOHOFAMA

The direction for SOHOFAMA is to be more involved in wellness, particularly in yoga, in-house events and exhibitions, and a Chinese medicine-inspired menu—the restaurant also has a full vegetarian menu with a vast display of options for those looking for non-meat, health-conscious varieties. The brand’s FAMALAND is run by the FAMA Group and celebrates the local creative scene with an aim to drive positive impact. Events are held regularly at the PMQ space from arts, music, drinks, entertainment, lifestyle and wellness—keep your eyes peeled for regular updates. Think…meditation projector rooms and rainforest-themed dining experiences.

More info: Location: Unit SG09-SG14, Block A. G/F PMQ, 35 Aberdeen St, Central Phone: 852 2858 8238 Insta: @sohofama | Facebook: @Sohofama


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