Hutong Launches The Golden Dragon Menu, Paying Tribute to its Worldwide Specialities

In Beijing and Northern Chinese regions, hutongs refer to the traditional narrow alleyways lined with thatched-roof houses and are synonymous with historical Chinese culture. Sadly, urbanisation is leading the gradual disappearance of these time-honoured streets, but the ones which are left remain well-preserved and open to visits to appreciate the elegant spots. Peking Road’s Hutong pays direct tribute to its namesake, with its decadent furnishings which feature antique wood, red lanterns, bamboo birdcages, and a rich colour palette. The aqua group restaurant recently launched its Golden Dragon Menu (from HK$650 per person), which includes a selection of appetisers, hot dishes, and desserts from Hutong Miami, New York, Dubai, and Hong Kong. We visited the Tsim Sha Tsui gem to try the new menu which was as impressive as Hutong’s views and furnishings.