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ImpactHK: 4 Ways to Volunteer & Support Those in Need During COVID

There are many ways to help the local community in need. ImpactHK facilitates this regularly and has a vision to provide direct holistic support to people experiencing homelessness, as well as build community connections to help one another through tough times. Even during COVID, ImpactHK's outreach programme – the Kindness Walks, still runs regularly (and thanks to the kindness of the community, is often fully booked). Volunteers go out on the streets across Hong Kong and serve food and necessities to people experiencing homelessness. Whether you're looking to book a Kindness Walk or want to learn more about the Hong Kong homeless and how to volunteer, ImpactHK shares with us four ways that supporters could consider:

This article is also available to read in Chinese (HK).

1) Public Kindness Walks

There are walks going on regularly (except Sundays) in 11 locations all across Hong Kong and you can sign up through the calendar on our website. The walks are led by an ImpactHK walk leader who is a regular volunteer. We are grateful to have so many volunteers signing up for our walks and spreading kindness to the community we are serving. Please book a spot in advance if you would like to join our Kindness Walks!

2) Private Kindness Walks

We can arrange these for a maximum of 20 volunteers at a time and they are led by ImpactHK staff. Email for more information and booking.

3) Education talks

Regarding the recent Covid situation, we totally understand an in-person volunteering activity is difficult for some supporters. Organising an online talk delivered by our Founder & CEO Jeff would be also a good option. Jeff will give a sharing talk and then an informal interactive Q&A where he will answer questions. Those who book a talk can also help put together care packages after the talk and we distribute them during our daily Kindness Walk. We would need a donation of $4000 to arrange the talk + packages.

4) Donations

The support at these times is especially crucial. A donation of $8000 can provide 40 nights of shelter to someone experiencing homelessness. Making a donation to help our friends on the streets.


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