Innovative Gourmet Mooncakes To Try This Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-autumn festival is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start ordering the goodies before it gets too late. As one of the most treasured occasions in Hong Kong culture, the seasonal celebration is spent with friends and family, to cherish time together with meal gatherings and sweet treats. Probably the main attraction (or at least, iconic), however, is the prized mooncake, a traditional dessert made with lotus paste and preserved egg yolk. Although there have been many variations of the classic recipe, to align with modern times, many bakers continue to pay tribute to the original flavours and techniques. Here’s a mix of both modern and traditional mooncakes—from the most indulgent spots around town.

rosewood hotels mooncakes

Image courtesy of Rosewood Hotels

Rosewood Hong Kong

At Hong Kong’s newly-opened, highly-anticipated Rosewood Hotel, a mix of creative campaigns are launched on the regular, to reign in discerning travellers and locals. For Mid-Autumn Festival, the hotel is launching two sets of mooncakes at Legacy House. Wrapped in an elegant gift package, the mooncakes are made from traditional white lotus seed paste and filled with the traditional rich salted egg yolks. Alternatively, guests can try the six miniature mooncakes package, which features innovative flavours including jasmine tea-infused custard and red bean and mandarin peel. There’s also the miniature custard mooncakes made by executive Chinese chef Li Chi-Wai, and chocolate mooncakes made by executive pastry chef Holger Deh. Order the Luxury Mid-Autumn Hamper online for HK$2,388.