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Luxury Desert Camps: How to Spend a Night Under the Stars in the Wadi Rum Desert

Travel worlds away to the UFO Luxotel in Wadi Rum and experience the ultimate desert experience. Situated in the heart of the Jordanian Wadi Rum Desert, the bubble pods provide an exotic alternative to traditional vacationing. Enjoy the sun and the stars in the secluded desert camp that provides luxury and comfort following afternoons of adventure.

Take glamping to the next level with the UFO Luxotel and enjoy panoramic mountain views from the comfort of your own air conditioned bubble tent. Authentic Arabic dishes are prepared on the compound, with dinner and a la carte breakfast served daily from the luxury tent so guests can enjoy the comfort of the bubble tent whilst beholding the beautiful view before them.

Here's what to expect if you're planning to book this exotic getaway:

Junior Suite Pod King

Perfect for couples, the Junior Suite Pod King caters to all the essential needs to provide a comfortable experience. With a private terrace and seating area outside each pod, guests can sit and revere in the beautiful surroundings of the Wadi Rum Desert. The exuberant bedroom with padded, sloping walls contributes further to the uniqueness of this experience, as guests wake up to the Valley on the Moon.

The Junior Suite Pod King provides all the standard amenities, as the spacious bedroom leads to the bathroom bubble, providing all the regular comforts in an irregular setting. Alternatively, enjoy this out-of-this-world experience with the family and stay in the Family Pod that provides one extra-large double bed as well as a single bed.


Wadi Rum caters to all tastes and abilities, with four major activities accessible from the desert camp. Hike and climb the sandstone and granite rock formations and glory in the view from above. Guided tours are easily arranged as expert tour guides direct you around the UNESCO World Heritage site. If you seek something a little less expending, option for a camel back ride through the desert and enjoy Bedouin-style views in the company of Jordan's iconic Arabian camels.

Guests can also partake in the thrill of jeep tours, which can be combined with a day trip to Petra along with experienced guides and drivers. By law, only Bedouins can operate tours in Wadi Rum, making jeep tours an easy option for travelling through the desert. Or, choose a shorter jeep tour for a scenic view of the magnificent Nabatean sand dunes in the easy proximity of home comforts at the desert camp. Although external, tours can be booked via the assistance of the desert camp, making for an easy, enjoyable experience.

With plenty to do by day, why not rewind at night with a stargazing experience in the middle of the Wadi Rum Desert? Lack of light pollution makes for a vibrant viewing experience as guests gain access to state of the art technology to spot constellations and learn about what is beyond earth from experts.

All imagery is sourced from Wadi Rum.


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