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Luxury Dog Products to Treat & Pamper Your Pooch

Every pooch deserves a good pampering, combined with a generous amount of toys, grooming essentials, and dog treats. In Hong Kong, there’s an abundance of choice—from independent brands to bigger international labels. Here, we’ve compiled a mix of both and where to get them. Without further ado…

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times


As the sister company to Creature Comforts Veterinary, Vetopia is designed to make pet ownership in Hong Kong simple, easy, and effective, eliminating the need to do constant runs to get pet supplies. The fast and convenient online service offers free delivery in the city, supplying only the highest-quality, veterinary-approved pet products at affordable prices. Find everything you need at this one-stop online shop, and after only a few clicks, it’ll be at your door within a few days. But there’s more to this exclusive service than its essentials—a variety of dog toys, beds, and more.

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times

We recommend:

Treat your pet to EVERSWEET – Smart Pet Drinking Fountain 3 (HK$499) which keeps water fresh with its silent pump which is built with a unique filter to purify water layer by layer, effectively removing the harmless substances such as hair, impurities, particles. The Faux Suede Snuggle Bed (from HK$280) is made from tightly woven faux-suede material for extra cosy sturdiness, ideal for dogs and cats of different sizes. Stella & Chewy’s – Carnivore Crunch Turkey Recipe 3.25oz (HK$99) is a treat favourite, paired with Kong – Cozie Marvin (HK$128), an adorable snuggle for your pooch. Groom your pet with the Nature’s Gold Manuka Shampoo for Sensitive Skin 300g (HK$188) and the Kazoo Double-Sided Combo Brush (from HK$168). Can’t decide what you want? Try out Buddy Box, a monthly subscription service which picks the items for your special pooch.

Image courtesy of Canophilia HK (𐌂𐌀𐌍𐌏𐌐𐌇𐌉𐌋𐌉𐌀)


Every product at Canophilia (𐌂𐌀𐌍𐌏𐌐𐌇𐌉𐌋𐌉𐌀) is handcrafted in Hong Kong and made to fit your pooch perfectly. The brand is rather new to the market (est 2020) and donates part of its proceeds to charity. Frequently modelled by the adorable trio Baguette, Hershey and Tofu (also the founders), the brand is popular amongst Hong Kongers for its beautiful designs and sturdy constructions. Contact on Instagram to order your customised collar and leash.

DM on Instagram to order

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times

Whiskers N Paws

Whiskers N Paws is about as close as you can get to pet haven, a 20,000sq ft space which houses everything you need under one roof—a grooming station, a self-grooming station, an expansive pet store with all you could dream of, a dog-friendly (obviously) coffee shop and restaurant, and an animal adoption centre. The Horizon Plaza venue may be a bit further than your local pet store, but it’s well worth the trip—don’t forget to bring your pampered pooch.

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times

We recommend:

Whiskers N Paws also offers online shopping services for easier convenience (and free shipping with a minimum HK$300 purchase). Pups love the Fun Feeder Slow Bowl (HK$148), an interactive, effective feeding solution to fast eaters. Grab a pack of Peanut Butter Wonder Nuggets (HK$86) and plonk them in the Toppl Treat Toy (HK$135) for a game which will never get old. Treat your pooch (and felines) with the Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats (HK$98) available in a variety of flavours. Halloween may be over (we used the seasonal toys) but there are still endless amounts of cuddlies to choose from online or in-store to satisfy your pup.

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times

Woof Pack

Inspired by their three pooches, Foxy, Venus, and Udon, Woof Pack was launched to celebrate the owners’ love for dogs. Everything is proudly handmade in Hong Kong and catered to customers’ personalised needs—including hand-stitched pet names in the accessories. From the adorable bandanas (from HK$125) to the chic toy basket (from HK$155), Woof Pack ensures that your pet will be dressed to impress for every occasion.

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times

Bugsy’s Treats

Bugsy’s dedicates itself to helping pets maintain optimum health and wellness by curating products that are clean, all-natural and chemical-free. From puppies to senior dogs, Bugsy’s Treats caters to every dog age to ensure pets live a healthy and prosperous life. Shoppers can choose between functional treats to botanical grooming for every occasion.

Image courtesy of Dogalicious


Launched in December 2016, Dogalicious has been serving freshly-cooked meals to pooches across the city for some time now. The brand cooks up 100% natural, fresh and healthy dog food delivered straight to your door. Each vet-designed meal uses human-grade food curated using customised portion sizes and is cooked to order. The ordering process is quick and simple—you just have to complete a quick form for the customised meals or order individual packs to skip the hassle. There’s also a range of all-natural treats to choose from, all freshly-made in the Hong Kong kitchen.

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times

Herban Essentials

Encourage your pooch’s beauty sleep with the benefits of aromatherapy. Founded in Santa Barbara, California, the boutique, woman-owned business follows a simple mission—portable essential oils, including a dog’s collection. Each towelette is made in the USA and sold worldwide. Try the Dog Towelettes (20 Count) (US$16), a pure lavender essential oil-infused wipe which will leave your dog smelling amazing, while they can enjoy the uplifting spirit of aromatherapy.

Image courtesy of PetShack


Bringing experience, convenience and products to pet lovers and owners, PetShack offers premium dog and cat food, snack, and treats with free delivery services. The online store features a range of international and local renowned brands. Some highlights include the Fish4Dogs Dental Treats (HK$68), the Major Dog – Bottle Cat (HK$99), the Whimzees Dental Treats for Dogs – Alligator – Medium (360g) (HK$110), and the Barking Heads Dog Baked Treats – Top Bananas (100g) (HK$68).


Bring your pet with you everywhere—well, not literally, but sort of. Hong Kong brand Mizomize lets you DIY your own phone case with a sleek graphic design customised to your chosen photo. The brand is currently doing a collaboration with Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HK$350) where all proceeds go to charity.


Founded in 2020, olala.paws is a Hong Kong and Australian company that specialises in pet supplies, including treats, toys, and grooming products, amongst others. The brand offers access to reputable breeders for those looking for a new furry friend.

We recommend:

Some of our favourites include the Cactus (AU$16) and the Chocolate Almond Milk toy (AU$26), both plushy toys which will get your pup excited. For treats, dogs love the Little Bites Tasmanian Salmon Freeze Dried (AU$27) and the Kangaroo Rib Rack (AU$22).

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times

Boxie HK

Offering bespoke gift boxes and personalised items, Boxie is a Hong Kong-based brand which creates customised cat and dog bowls for your pets. The high-quality bowls are heavy and won’t cause excessive spillage due to their sturdy nature. Order yours via DM on Instagram at

Order yours via DM on Instagram at

Image courtesy of Gem’s Kitchen & Bakery

Gem’s Kitchen & Bakery

Get healthy and delicious dog treats from Gem’s Kitchen & Bakery, all handcrafted in Hong Kong. The brand encourages plastic-free packaging and 5% of sales go to local animal shelters. Treats range from Turkey Strips (HK$78/40g) to quirky Zombie Chicken Feet (HK$15/piece). Spend HK$300 to get free delivery.

Little Furries

Dress your pup with the most beautiful range of colourful collars and leashes at Little Furries. Each leash is handmade in Hong Kong. Order an elegant accessory for your own pet by sending a DM via Instagram.

Order yours via DM on Instagram at

Paws Up

Keep your pooch well-kept with the handmade paw and nose balms from Paws Up. The brand uses organic, vegan, and lick-free ingredients to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Order yours via DM on Instagram at @pawsuphk


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