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Luxury Pampering at Fivelements Habitat: The Divine Rose (NOW CLOSED)

Hidden amongst the tall skyscrapers and city dwellers, sits a peaceful wellness haven—the luxurious Fivelements Habitat. Some eco-conscious travellers may already be familiar with Fivelements Bali, the award-winning wellbeing retreat offering traditional healing therapies and Balinese traditions for mindful restoration. The sanctuary’s Hong Kong branch stays true to its roots, a 15,000 square-foot abyss of innovative wellbeing concepts, concentrating on yoga, the sacred arts, plant-based nutritional cuisine, and holistic spa therapies. We stepped into the urban oasis to experience the pampering Divine Rose treatment.

All images courtesy of Adam Thompson | CSP Times.

Image courtesy of Mr Ping Cha Siu Papers

Image courtesy of Mr Ping Cha Siu Papers


From the moment you step into Fivelements Habitat—a short walk away from the Causeway Bay MTR (in Times Square)—it’s hard to believe that such a tranquil space exists in the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest districts in Hong Kong. Natural light fills the space, reflecting against the Balinese interiors and wood furnishings, with the gentle sounds of meditative harmonies running through the rooms.

The “Habitat” is perfect for those looking to slow down and disconnect from the fast-paced living of city life—very relevant to many Hong Kongers who are prone to live a busy work schedule. Walk through and embrace the many offerings at this wellness haven, from nourishing plant-based menus to meditation and tea ceremonies. Opt to indulge in the relaxing spa therapies or practice in yoga and dance for energetic movement. Classes at Fivelements Habitat include yoga, meditation, martial arts, somatics, dance, visual arts, sound healing and tea ceremonies. 

Urban Wellness Sanctuary

Enter a world of wellness at its finest in this healing city sanctuary—quite literally placed in the centre of the metropolitan hub of Causeway Bay. Fivelements Habitat was inspired by traditional Balinese philosophies, nurturing connections with spirit, community and nature. The holistic haven thrives on three main pillars in its urban location:

Yoga & the Sacred Arts

The traditional wellness approaches to the sacred mindful arts at Fivelements Habitat are integrated in the individual and group sessions guided by specialists. These programmes include a mix of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, tea ceremonies, sound therapies, martial arts, and core activities (Pilates, Barre) for spiritual healing and wellbeing.

Wellness Sanctuary

The in-house wellness spa offers an array of holistic healing rituals and personalised programmes for rebalancing and detoxification, all using natural, plant-based products. Expert therapists cater to your every need in bodywork and energy healing to complement your specific needs, from private consultations to immersive full-day pampering experiences. I tried the luxurious Divine Rose treatment which not only cured my winter eczema but helped to relax the knots and stress in my body for a new start to the week.


Inspired by nature and its rejuvenating offerings, Fivelements Habitat’s Sakti Elixir is an award-winning, plant-based menu of deliciously nutritious meals for vitality and longevity. Indulge in the healing gastronomical creations, from the speciality juices and nut-milk blends, elixirs, tonics and “secret potions” derived from the sanctuary’s flagship Balinese retreat.

The Treatment: Divine Rose

First I was led to the changing rooms—a heaven space for self-reflection and cleaning, from showering to table-top touch-ups—to change into a plush bathrobe, ready for my treatment. Divine Rose was curated on the notion of Prema, meaning love oil, using all Indian rose extracts and precious ylang-ylang flower essence to help moisturise and soothe the body and mind, perfect for a post-work or weekend escape.

The therapy began with a foot bath of rose petals to prepare for total bliss and relaxation, followed by a pre-treatment blessing with my masseuse. The ritual was infused with sea salt and rose, a calming aroma before the aromatherapy massage—it was an easing welcome to the rejuvenating immersion ahead. A combination of face, scalp and belly massage, each stage of the soothing therapy was a moisturising remedy for dry skin in the winter and really nourished every part of my body—it completely eradicated my cold-weather eczema.

The long-gliding Swedish strokes will put you at ease, calmed by the background trance of meditative tunes and percussions, a multi-sensory experience of sedative scents, a healing soundtrack and an intimate massage. Following on, I was given an aromatherapy rose facial to soften skin through a cleanser and exfoliator, packed with regenerating damask rose, skin-balancing geranium and cooling jojoba oil. The rose toner helped to balance skin pH level and the face massage was aided by a rich oil, all whilst being massaged at the scalp and finishing off with a facial mask to restore the skin’s elasticity and moisture.

The Aftermath

From start to finish, the whole experience at Fivelements Habitat was a blissful escape from any stress or hassle of daily life. Leave feeling rejoiced and cleansed throughout the mind and body, the therapy released constraints and negativity. The wellness sanctuary felt so welcoming and the staff were all so friendly and helpful to explain every stage of the therapy and how it benefits the body, a total immersion of relaxation.

More info: Insta: @fivelementshabitats | Facebook: @FivelementsHabitats LinkedIn: fivelements Email: | Phone: +852 3106 2112 Visit: Fivelements Habitat Hong Kong Level 13A, Tower One, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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