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Make Your Own Picnic with These Premium Ingredients

Summer is the season for sun-basking at the beach and hiking sunny trails, which is why it’s probably the best time for good weather (although it does get a little humid, as we all know). Another hearty, outdoor activity is to head out for a picnic, and DIY for the full experience. We round up our favourite stockists in Hong Kong to curate a picnic hamper at home, to indulge in at the park.

Image courtesy of Cheese Club

Cheese Club

Hong Kong’s premium cheese source, Cheese Club, was set up by a group of French expats wanting to make a change to the market, which often only sold overpriced goods. By importing the cheeses manually to ensure safe and efficient sourcing, Cheese Club ensures a monthly supply of quality seasonal essentials. And what’s a picnic without a selection of the best bries and cheddar? Not to be cheesy, but that sounds gouda to us.

Flair Food

Bringing its food from Europe, Flair Food is an online grocer selling premium fresh produce from foie gras to Iberico beef. Spruce up your picnic basket by ordering your cold cuts from here, including salami and chorizo. Don’t forget to try some of their signature juicy Datterino tomatoes for a refreshing kick.


Bringing a generational family recipe to Hong Kong, Schragels bakes fresh and toasty bagels every day in-store. As the first authentic, New York-inspired bakery in the city, lines form quickly every morning in demand for warm and carby goods. Take some along to your next picnic venture—we’re crazy for the Schmear Me Cream Cheese concoction.

Tipico Sauces | Image courtesy of Tipico

Tipico Italian Grocer

Established last year by 208 Duecento Otto’s Chef Zeno Bevilacqua, Tipico Italian Grocer is your not-so-typical Italian find (it’s even better). Serving homemade sauces, as curated by the chef himself, the online store serves authentic comfort foods sourced directly from Italy. We recommend adding a few spreads to your picnic platter. We love the pesto and spicy sausage sauces.

Eat The Kiwi

You’re in good hands when shopping with New Zealand-centric grocery brand Eat The Kiwi. Everything is fresh, seasonal, and sustainable to ensure healthy dining. Deliver your main groceries to your house, and for the picnic? Some fresh apple juice will do the trick (and it’s one of the things they’re famed for). If you’re feeling a sweet treat, the coconut chunk cookies are an absolute must.

Image courtesy of HKbreadbox


You may have the bagels and spreads sorted, but there’s never enough bread for a picnic. hkBREADBOX has everything you need to complement the cold cuts and cheeses, and its loaves come in all shapes and sizes. Grab a few loaves of bread and add them to the basket for a complete picnic delight.

Monsieur Chatté

Picnics aren’t predominantly for boozing, but what’s to say a little wouldn’t hurt? Monsieur Chatté supplies the goods, from wine to ready-to-drink negronis. The French grocer is also a famed supplier for the finer things—we’re talking truffle, homemade foie gras, and caviar. That’ll ramp up the picnic spread.


With all the cheeses, bread, alcohol, and spreads in place, a bit of fresh pasta makes the perfect finish to a well-curated picnic. Profood sources its products from across the globe, ensuring all its ingredients remain consistently high quality. Take out the recipe book and learn your favourite cold pasta dish, using one of Profood’s gluten-free selections. Perfect.

Image courtesy of Brand HK

Places to Picnic

With the picnic hamper in place, you’re ready to go out and indulge. Here are some Hong Kong recommendations on where to celebrate:

  1. Tamar Park, Admiralty

  2. Victoria Peak Garden, The Peak

  3. Sharp Island, Sai Kung

  4. Trio Beach, Sai Kung

  5. Victoria Park, Causeway Bay

  6. Tai Tam Country Park, Tai Tam

  7. Hong Kong Wetland Park, Tin Shui Wan

  8. Dragon’s Back, Shek O


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