Mosimann's: Inside London's Prestigious Members' Dining Club


Before Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, there was a Swiss-born culinary giant who set the stage for our revered culture of celebrity chefs, and his name is printed on the black canopied entrance of his exclusive private members' dining club on West Halkin Street, which was once a former 19th-century Presbyterian church – Mosimann’s.

With a global repertoire for unparalleled culinary excellence and an illustrious, extensive history of providing catering services for Her Majesty and the British Royal Family, the Olympics, the World Cup and countless other notable events and public figures, it is no wonder that members from around the world fly into London to dine at the club and try their renowned signature dishes such as the Mosimann’s Bread and Butter Pudding, Risotto ai Funghi and the Marinated Salmon and Dorset Crabmeat. Naturally, we were extremely excited to have the opportunity to share with you, our dear readers, this exclusive visit into their gorgeous and intimate venue to experience some of Mosimann’s famed cuisine naturelle dishes and their world-class service. Without further ado...

Image courtesy of Mosimann's