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November F&B Loves [Hong Kong]


Our top F&B picks this month.

It’s truffle season! Indulge in the aromatic white truffle delights at LPM Restaurant & Bar where chefs source the star ingredient from Italy for the most earthy variations. Menu highlights include the creamy truffle rigatoni and the rich white truffle burrata, best paired with the new cocktail menu debut dedicated to French artist Jean Cocteau. Experience a gastronomic journey at this Mediterranean-inspired gem.

We Love: Burrata à la Truffe Blanche (White Truffle Burrata), Escargots de Bourgogne (Snails with Garlic Butter and Parsley), Rigatoni Maison à la Truffe Blanche (White Truffle with Home-made Rigatoni), Beauty and the Beast cocktail, 1889 Americana cocktail

This dedicated sando bar specialises in exactly what you'd predict – the thick-cut cult-favourite Japanese cutlet sandwiches. Experience a brunch feast on the weekends here, with or without the booze. The main starlet is obviously the wagyu sando but we were pleasantly surprised to confirm that the bacon and cheese sando was also a delight.

We Love: Wagyu Sando

Opening in autumn, Dabpa Artisan is a new restaurant nestled within K11 MUSEA. The chic space resembles a cave setting with a modern update and the menu offers a contemporary twist on authentic Cantonese dishes. Be sure to book a space in advance, it gets busy.

We Love: Duck Liver Paté with you tiao, Wagyu Beef Tartare, Artisan Cod Fish with Cabbage

Apothecary opened in the summer but its lowkey appeal attracts mainly those in the know. Founded by veterans in the F&B industry, this speakeasy-style gem sits on Wyndham Street up a nondescript entrance to its secluded upstairs location. Try the array of homemade cocktails prepared by expert mixologists.

We Love: Wolf Peach Highball, Essence of Courage

The new menu at Stockton is inspired by the godfather of gonzo journalism and bar namesake, Hunter S. (Stockton) Thompson. “Creativity of Sins” is divided into chapters, as logged by Thompson’s wild life, offering a selection of cocktails for every palette. Opening with his childhood, the Prince Jellyfish is a calm devotion to his turbulent upbringing with alcoholic parents, while later concoctions explore Hunter’s journey into gonzo journalism from rum in Puerto Rico to illicit drugs in Las Vegas. Start from the beginning and work your way through Thompson’s timeline.

We Love: Prince Jellyfish, Mad Society, God Damn Gatsby


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