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Our Favourite Summer Candles & Diffusers for 2023

The senses are a vital part of our day-to-day life. Our greatest memories can be immortalised as simply as through scent. Whether it be lounging on the sofa, or throwing a garden party, a fragrance can make summer last a lifetime. With the summer time on the horizon, so we have collated a list of our top picks to help you encapsulate the freshness and life of the season.

1. Boy Smells: Grace Jones Candle

US$52 | Shop here

Ready to enter the sun-kissed season gracefully? The Grace Jones iconic Grace Candle basks the space with its natural and earthy scents reminiscent of the after-rain of Jamaica. It is where a soft breeze brushes against all beings, bringing together an elegant fusion of blooming waterlilies, coastal rocks and your skin hugged by the warm sunlight, drying. Reflecting the brand's identity of gender fluidity, this candle is perfect for everyone to indulge in calmness and to appreciate the beauty of nature.


2. Atelier Lumira: Tahitian Coconut Candle

US$80 | Shop here

Lusciously creamy and sweet, Atelier Lumira's Tahitian Coconut Candle perfectly takes you right into the smell of the tropical sunshine in Tahiti. With a hint of vanilla and white musk from the base and a soft blend of jasmine and frangipani, the smell of the land's beloved fruit is truly brought to life and to your home. To note, it is also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and crafted sustainably.


3. Acqua di Parma: Luce di Colonia Candle (Limited Edition)

HK$775 | Shop here

Behold the exquisite marvel that is the Luce di Colonia candle, a limited edition meticulously crafted to honour the resplendent allure of the Italian sun and its luminous rays. The candle diffuses refined notes of weightless splendour, with olfactive notes of orange, lemon and petitgrain. A testament to elegance and artistic finesse, this wondrous creation is a coveted treasure that emanates the very essence of celestial radiance.


4. Baobab: Totem Sand Sonora

HK$1,100 | Shop here

The Totem Sand Sonora diffuser is not just a refined scent, but also exquisite decoration to any space. Baobab's Sand collection is a mesmerising glasswork that illustrates the beauty of the Mexican desert onto its container, every piece is a work of art. Inside, the mix of saffron, myrrh and patchouli fuses into a spicy and warming scent, recasting the land's cinematic scene into your summer aura.


5. Buly 1803: Eau Triple Berkane Orange Blossom

HK$1,450.00 | Shop here

What is summer without the scent of fresh citrus! Officine Universelle Buly À Paris presents the Eau Triple Berkane Organe Blossom for a fruitful burst of the summer orange blossoms and leaves in bergamot, neroli essence and a hint of white musk. It is like taking a walk through a blooming citrus tree orchard in the world's capital of citrus- Berkane, while touched by the warm breeze and basked in the Mediterranean sun.


6. Atelier Cologne: Oolang Wuyi Candle

HK$390 | Shop here

Escape into the woods with Atelier Cologne. The Oolang Wuyi Candle soothes your busy mind with its scent of woodland and nature. It takes you to a landscape of tranquility and calmness that is perfect for the summertime. Smoky and citrusy, this candle will wonderfully mask your home into a place of serenity.


7. Acqua di Parma: Luce di Colonia Diffuser (Limited Edition)

HK$970 | Shop here

Indulge in the captivating Luce di Colonia diffuser, a limited edition marvel that pays homage to the radiant Italian sun. Adorned with a vibrant label, it invites you to glimpse through a window of luminosity. Infused with refined notes of orange and lemon, this exquisite diffuser enchants the senses. Packaged in a colorful display of golden fruits and the radiant sun, it is a testament to artistic brilliance, illuminating your space with its sunlit magnificence.


8. Eym Naturals: Gift Set Of 3

£52 | Shop here

Whether you are looking to unwind after a long day, provide rejuvenation, or simply get some well-deserved rest and relaxation, this gift set will cater to your needs. Camomile, Lavender, and Sweet Orange encapsulate 'The Sleepy One' to provide customers with the perfect bedtime ambience. 'The Grounding One' combines the relaxing aromas of Camomile, Geranium and Rose, to slow your mind and regain mental ground. To liven your summer afternoons, 'The Joyful One' creates a fresh, citrusy bouqet using Neroli, Orange Blossom, and Ylang-Ylang. Eym is providing customers with access to three of their most popular luxury candles, just in time for the summer, to provide a different fragrance for every mood.


9. Boy Smells: Kush, Ash and Cedar Stack Votive Set

HK$560 | Shop here

For maximum scentensity, Boy Smells' trio of their first ever three fragrances in mini but mighty form. Using complex olfactory combinations, Boy Smells are expelling traditions through not only ingredients but identity. With top notes of Cannabis, Suede, White Musk, Tulip and Amber, their iconic candle, 'Kush', provides a clean and floral aroma perfect for welcoming a summer's day. Moving from day to night, their signature candle, 'Ash', like its name, combines a blend of Firewood, Smoke, Charcoal, Palo Santo and Hay, perfect to reminisce on intimate summer evening's cuddled around a campfire. Their final inclusion, 'Cedar Stack' unites Cedar, Labdanum, Juniper Berry, Sawdust and White Musk for an eclectic woody smell sure to capture hearts and memories this summer.


10. Carrière Frères: Sichuan Pepper Candle and Yuzu Diffuser

€52 | Shop here

With the launch of their new candle in February, and the launching of a new diffuser in April, Carrière Frères takes Asian inspiration in her Sichuan Pepper Candle and Yuzu Diffuser. The French candle house has brought together a blend of fresh bergamot orange with elements of pepper, to embody the native Sichuan Pepper plant of China. The citrus and spice perfectly captures the complex scent of the plant, creating a unique summer freshness. The Japanese and Korean Yuzu plant maintains an established status in oriental cooking. The invigorating aromas of citrus, light musk and floral notes capture the relaxing properties of the Yuzu plant as the scent diffuses into the home.


11. Press Only: Latte Candle

US$28 | Shop here

Your house can smell as good as your favourite beverage with Press Only's new-released Latte Candle. Using natural ingredients, made from soy and vegetable wax, this candle has a 28-hour burning time, allowing you to wake up to your favourite brew every day this summer. Nothing is better than a morning cup of brew.


12. Trudon: Le Diffuser Belles Matières - Reggio

US$250 | Shop here

New to their Home Collection, Trudon introduces Le Diffuser Belles Matières in the scent, Reggio. The sapphire glass encrusted with gold imbues the extravagance of their bouquet. Grapefruit and Mandarin combine to reflect the citrusy burst of the mandarin-tree. This inspiration unites Indochina and the Mediterranean Sea through its historical journey of growth globally. Diffuse the exoticness of European and Asian climate through your home this summer and transport across the globe.


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