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Oxeye: Where Creativity, Thoughfulness & Gastronomy Meet At Nine Elms, London


Dining at Oxeye is an extraordinary experience that engages all the senses. From start to finish, the restaurant provides an impeccable display of gastronomy, with meticulous attention given to every aspect, from the selection of ingredients to the plating and presentation of each dish. Located in the modest Nine Elms neighborhood of London, Oxeye is where Chef Sven-Hanson Britt showcases his masterful and innovative culinary creations.

Photo: Oxeye

The ambiance of the restaurant is both cosy and elegant, with softly lit black walls and floor-to-ceiling windows that let in natural light. The calming atmosphere is created by the round wooden tables, beige stools, black chairs, and subtle lighting, including a yellow table lamp and floor light. The open bar and kitchen by the window emit a lively energy as Chef Britt and his team prepare each delicious dish.

The Obento Lunch Menu at Oxeye takes inspiration from Japan's obento meal, consisting of a variety of small dishes and delights. The menu changes seasonally, and is a condensed version of the dinner set menu, offering luxury in both taste and presentation. Chef Britt uses world-class produce to create micro-seasonal menus that constantly evolve, showcasing the best of the UK's ingredients in the fine-dining scene.

Photo: Sasha Huang | CSP Times

Obento Lunch Menu: to start...

The butter at Oxeye is a work of art, with beautifully carved curves that fold on top of each other on a grey platform. Sea salt crystals glisten against the light, providing a contrasting texture to the smooth and cold cultured butter. The butter is served with a thick slice of warm smoked potato sourdough, resulting in a chewy and filling texture that melts in the mouth with a hint of saltiness.

Each grain of rice holds tightly onto the luscious shitake scent without becoming too mushy or soft, resulting in a rich and satisfying dish with every bite.

For a refreshing taste of soup, the Obento lunch menu offers a ginger broth with crisp enoki mushrooms and bergamot-marinated daikon. The pickled manganji pepper with king oyster mushroom is seasoned lightly to allow their natural flavours to shine through, resulting in an aromatic and authentic Japanese flavor.

The starter set is completed with a shiso wrap that features roasted pumpkin seeds. The soft bitterness of the shiso leaf, creamy black sesame, and crunchy seeds provide a refreshing contrast to the other flavors. This graceful finish prepares the palate for the luxurious main course to follow.

Photo: Sasha Huang | CSP Times

Confit hens egg yolk, black truffle and potato purée

The potato puree at Oxeye is used as a creamy and thick base to hold the confit hen's egg yolk at the center. Garlic scapes are sprinkled on top, and the dish is soaked in a richly flavored sauce made with onion, black truffle, and carrot. With just a gentle poke, the delicate egg yolk bursts open and creamy streams of yolk overflow onto the potato puree. The resulting dish is a decadent and flavorful treat for the senses.

Photo: Sasha Huang | CSP Times

To choose...

Hokkaido pumpkin, guanciale and puntarella

The main course at Oxeye is a delightful feast for the senses, with a palette of vibrant colors that catch the eye. The dish features bright pumpkin orange and light green puntarella. The pumpkin is charred lightly on the surface, releasing a beautiful, burnt wood scent. The burnt edges provide a slightly crispy and charred texture to the soft center, which melts in the mouth. To complement the pumpkin, the dish is served with swerved pumpkin puree, scented puntarella slices, and a delicate accent of black sesame paste. The resulting dish is a delightful balance of bitter and sweet flavors in each bite.

Photo: Sasha Huang | CSP Times

To finish…

Pink grapefruit savarin, sansho pepper cream and citrus sorbet

To cap off the delightful lunch at Oxeye, a beautiful savarin adorned with plump pink grapefruits is presented on a glass plate, alongside a charming off-white cream in a little bowl. In the middle of the savarin is a luxurious droplet of citrus sorbet in a delicate coral hue, while the grapefruits sparkle like pink diamonds. The savarin is warm and sweet, while the sorbet provides a refreshing burst of sourness. Adding a delightful touch of spice, the cream is infused with sansho pepper and has a subtle hint of vanilla. When enjoyed together, the cooling sorbet, warming pastry, and spiced cream create a harmonious dance of flavours and textures in the mouth.

Photo: Sasha Huang | CSP Times

London honey and Brightwell Ash canelé

The canelé dessert is presented on a wooden tray alongside a half-circle of Brightwell Ash cheese and a bowl of beeswax. The goat's milk canelé is cut in half and served on its stool. A wooden spoon is then used to drizzle honey on top, and the dessert is finished with grated cheese. The result is a captivating and enticing show.

The canelé itself is warm, soft, and freshly baked, with a caramelised crust that contrasts with the tender body. The honey adds sweetness and complements the tangy Brightwell Ash cheese, creating a delightful and remarkable flavour that is both chewy and warming.

Photo: Sasha Huang | CSP Times

Cartografie chocolate selection

Cartografie, one of London's top chocolate creators, has collaborated with Oxeye to create a thoughtfully chosen assortment of gourmet chocolates. All pieces are made with cocoa harvested from the Beni Amazon region, which provides a rich chocolate base. The feather bar, a standout piece, features a blend of dark chocolate with a tangy cherry vinegar and a divine salted caramel that heightens the natural, floral fruitiness of the cocoa. Additionally, there are bite-sized white chocolates from the Dominican Republic that are delicately coated with toasted nuts.


Oxeye Restaurant interior imagery is provided by Tonic Communications.


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