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Repulse Bay’s Classified is a Beachside Respite for City Dwellers

The beaches may still be closed as we veer closer to winter, but Repulse Bay, a popular beach spot, remains as busy as ever. Nestled within the beachside shopping mall, The Pulse, Classified’s cool, coastal design with sun-bleached whites and ocean hues, provides unpretentious dining as well as a prime people (and dog) watching spot to boot. We stopped by at Classified Repulse Bay to try the new September menu, which included Portobello Tartine, Lobster Risotto, and New York Cheesecake, to name a few…


Image courtesy of Classified Hong Kong

Beachfront location

My partner, my pooch and I are seated at one of the coveted wooden swings, positioned front and centre of the restaurant, allowing unobscured views of the promenade and the unusually empty beach. Classified have recently updated their seasonal menu and have a selection of Hong Kong-appropriate winter comfort foods, which, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, cannot arrive soon enough.

Image courtesy of Shannon Dawson

A cosy setting

As we curl up with our oat milk lattes, the aroma of grilled seafood and rich creamy tomato sauce catches our attention moments before the lobster sauce risotto arrives. Although I’m not usually a risotto fan (as I’ve tried one too many bland, overcooked concoctions), Classified’s version was perfectly al dente and every bite was better than the last.

Image courtesy of Classified Hong Kong

The Beyond Meat Hot Dog got some satisfied nods of approval from my partner who, for the record, is a steadfast carnivore. Topped with finely diced pickles, tomatoes, and generous portions of jalapenos served in a crispy white roll, this spicy number is sure to get tails wagging—carnivores and herbivores alike.

Image courtesy of Classified Hong Kong

Our last savoury dish was the Portobello Mushroom Tartine. The dish was nicely seasoned with some rosemary and thyme, but lacked complexity. A slather of cream cheese and some pine nuts might’ve elevated the flavours of this plate, which was a shame considering the heavy emphasis on a brunch concept. Compared to the egg-based dishes which are a winning feat at Classified, the tartine was, unfortunately, a miss for us.

Image courtesy of Shannon Dawson

A sweet treat to finish

We polished off the Daiya New York cheesecake much to our pooch’s dismay (though he did manage to sneak a raspberry or two). I didn’t have the heart to tell my partner this dessert was dairy-free but based on the finished-up plate, I don’t think he noticed.

With its beachfront location and all-day brunch theme, Classified continues to reign in beachgoers and city folk looking for a breezy escape. The setting is very welcoming and the staff are friendly—it makes a great coffee stop, too.

Classified is open Monday – Friday from 11:30am till late and weekends & Public Holidays from 5pm –close. Arrive during Happy Hour 5-8pm during the week and enjoy sundowners with a selection of delicious bar snacks and cheese plates to satisfy every man and his dog.

Classified, Shop 107, 1/F The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2351 3454,


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