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Review: Home Deep Cleaning & Sanitising By Johnson Group, Pioneers in the Industry


Whether you have just moved in, are about to move in or are simply in need of a seasonal home refreshing, deep cleaning and sanitising is best done by the experts themselves to ensure a proper job. And who better to trust than the pioneers of the industry, Johnson Group, who has over 74 years of experience. Founded in 1947, the Hong Kong-born group (which has now expanded to Taiwan too) specialises in supreme quality cleaning, sanitisation and pest control services and products to residential and commercial customers and government bodies. We trialed the Home Deep Cleaning & Sanitising package during a move into a new flat – here's what to expect.

Watch the full video footage above for a before and after inspection.

Johnson Group hong kong
Image courtesy of Johnson Group

Johnson Group offers over 20 professional services for household and commercial customers, so it's best to find out exactly what you're looking for or consult with the team directly if you have something specific in mind.

The Home Deep Cleaning & Sanitising package is environmental-friendly, baby-friendly and allergy-friendly. It's currently priced at around HK$18 per sq ft for the service.

Benefits of this service include:

  • AerisGuard™ Air-conditioner Cleaning Solutions, Safe and Toxic Free. EPA Approved Coil & Surface Treatments (Against Moulds and Bacteria)

  • AURO 100% Natural Ingredients Cleaners – Clean Your Home without Harmful Chemicals, Suitable for Families Require High Sanitary or Allergy Sufferers

  • SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray (U.S. EPA Reg. 87742-1 & Health Canada DIN 02390035) Kills Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi, Decomposes Odours & Mould (Musty) Smell

  • Miele Allergy Vacuum Cleaner, Developed Together with German Allergy and Asthma Society (DAAB), Filters 99.5% of All Particles 0.3 Microns in Size Like Dust mites, Bacteria and Allergens

  • 3M® Microfiber Cloth, Karcher® Steam Cleaner and UVP® Ultraviolet (UV-C) Device Removes Thoroughly Dust Mites, Animal Danders, Pollen & Dirt

  • Remove Allergens that Trigger IgE, Protect Your Family from Allergy like Asthma, Bronchitis, Eczema, Sneeze & Itchy Skin; Reduce The Use of Allergy Medicines

  • This service is environmental-friendly, baby-friendly and allergy-friendly

It's safe to say that the service is very professional and a team of 5-6 team members arrived with cleaning and sanitising gear ready to groom the flat out. Plus, the group bring tools to eliminate dust mites, allergens, dirt, bacteria, viruses, moulds and VOCs for an immersive deep clean, as promised.

johnson group hong kong
Image courtesy of Johnson Group

The package includes a full cleaning of airconditioners, fan coil units, curtains, mattresses, fabric couches, sofas, leather sofas, rugs and carpets. It also includes deep cleaning and sanitisation of the bathrooms, removing any stains and odours as well as the kitchen – ours was smothered in grease and dirt from the previous tenants.

Johnson Group

When it came to wall marks, the team don't feature painting services but they managed to scrub off dirty marks on the walls of some of the rooms (images below). Same with the tiled floors. Johnson Group will also polish all wooden furniture and clean and eliminate stubborn soiling on windows for a clear finish.

Well, we'll let the pictures speak for themselves:



The result was a sparkling clean finish that removed all dirt and dust particles left behind from the previous owner, plus a fully sanitised space including the impeccable bathroom and kitchen. The team was friendly and superbly efficient – and its 70+ years of experience shows. If you're looking for a home deep cleaning, head to Johnson Group to find out more. Services also include allergy tests, green cleaning, pest control and commercial cleaning.


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