Rikko Lee's Travel Diary & Holy Grails

Born and raised in Canada, Rikko Lee relocated to Hong Kong to become a TV news broadcaster and quickly became a household name in the city's celebrity scene. Lee garnered over 50k followers on Instagram documenting her travels and dining experiences in the most beautiful locations including her personal favourite destinations, Seoul and Italy. We caught up with Lee on her top picks and recommendations for travel inspiration and hotspots in Hong Kong.

Image courtesy of Rikko Lee
Image courtesy of Rikko Lee

Can you tell us about yourself and how you got into presenting?

After graduating from university with a double-major Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Communications in Canada, I relocated to Hong Kong and began my professional television presenting career as an Olympics host, sports reporter and financial anchor. While being in television, I was given my first opportunity to become a trilingual event emcee and since then, I've hosted over 200 events in Hong Kong and overseas and still really enjoy it.

What is something new you've learned during lockdown?

The main takeaway is definitely "Don't take anything on this planet for granted". At the same time during the lockdown, I reinvented myself in art creation and learned about the insights and history of the art industry. Moreover, I self-studi