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Sarah Meller of Saatchi Art Shares Her Top 5 Tips For Starting an Art Collection

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Some may find the art market intimidating at first, but it's important to remember that everyone can enjoy owning art. Whether you choose a painting, a photograph, a monotype, or an etching, the key is to pick something you love and buy it with confidence. "It’s always more important that the work speaks to you personally and you’re not just following a trend," suggests Sarah Meller of Saatchi Art, an online platform offering art in virtually any price range, with a focus on discovering undervalued talents. The service offers free Art Advisory, where a curator works with you to find works that meet your style, budget, and any other requirements. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned art aficionado, here are five tips by Sarah Meller of Saatchi on how to start a great art collection.

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Sarah Meller of Saatchi Art Shares:

1) Buy What You Love

The most important question to ask yourself when shopping for art is, “Do I love it?”

Buying artwork is a big decision – after all, it’s something you will look at every single day! Listen to your instincts. It’s always more important that the work speaks to you personally and you’re not just following a trend. A great way to determine what kind of artwork (abstract, figurative, landscape, photography, etc.) speaks to you, is to explore the curated collections on Saatchi Art and add to your favourites as you go. After you’ve built up a long list of artworks you like, you’ll get a sense of what you are consistently drawn to in terms of colours, subject, and medium. If something catches your eye and you keep thinking about it, that's a sign you may have found a work that will have lasting meaning for you.

2) Determine Your Budget and Stick to it

Establish your budget and stick to it. Buying online can be a very economical way to avoid big gallery commissions and be able to view a lot of works conveniently in one place. If you aren’t sure where to start, photography is a great medium for first-time buyers to focus on. Often prices for photographs are lower than for paintings or sculpture, and it can be an especially striking medium. Limited-edition prints are also a great gateway medium for new buyers, as they are generally more affordable and not as big of a commitment.

3) Focus on Emerging Artists

Reviewing work from recent art school graduates or artists at the beginning of their careers is a smart way to discover emerging talent while their works are still somewhat affordable. You don’t need to acquire a piece from a celebrity artist in order to build your collection. Saatchi Art has an annual campaign called New Perspectives, that focuses on rising talents in the art world, chosen by our team of in-house curators so you’re guaranteed an expert lens on this art collection. The feature not only showcases recent art school graduates, but also highlights artists of colour, women artists, and those working without a formal art education.

4) Go Online

The ease and accessibility of browsing works online is something worth considering. You can view artwork from hundreds of artists from varying backgrounds and locations all in one place without having to travel from gallery to gallery trying to find something you love within a narrow inventory. Buying art online can also relieve some of the intimidation of walking into a gallery and feeling the pressure to buy right there and then or having to ask for pricing which can be an uncomfortable experience.

5) Consider Your Space

Do you have a particular place in mind for the artwork? Above a sofa, in a bedroom, in an office? Consider what type of work will inspire the right mood. When it comes to choosing a size, look for artworks about two-thirds to three-fourths as wide as your available wall space. But when in doubt, go big: You want your artwork to stand out – empty wall space can overwhelm a work that is too small. Whatever your approach, art is a sure-fire way to transform your wall from a backdrop to a focal point.

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