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Savouring Savoie in Bangkok: Chef Arnaud Dunand On French Fine Dining at Maison Dunand – Interview


Nestled in the vibrant culinary landscape of Bangkok, Maison Dunand brings the essence of France's Savoie region to life under the masterful direction of Chef Arnaud Dunand Sauthier. With roots deeply embedded in the French Alps, Chef Arnaud's passion for cooking ignited at a young age amidst the picturesque mountains of Savoie. His illustrious career has seen him grace the kitchens of legendary chefs like Marc Veyrat and Jacques Lameloise, and today, with his own venture, Maison Dunand. A true backdrop to his personal cooking, the one Michelin-starred restaurant showcases a menu that seamlessly blends his classic French culinary techniques with global influences, offering a refined yet heartfelt dining experience that stays true to his alpine heritage.

1. How would you describe your culinary philosophy?

I am passionate about quality ingredients. All my dishes are inspired by the products I use, which I strive to showcase. My cooking style is French, infused with two influences: my roots in the French Alps and the diverse culinary experiences from my travels over the years.

2. How would you define French, or more specifically, the Savoie region’s cuisine?

French cuisine, much like Japanese cuisine, places a strong emphasis on high-quality ingredients. However, the distinction lies in the preparation methods. French cuisine, in particular, cherishes sauces which I believe are its essence.

In Savoie cuisine, the focus is on utilising local resources such as lake and river fish, cheeses, as well as wild mountain herbs and plants. We have a fondness for bitter and acidic flavours, which are integral to our culinary tradition.

3. How do you incorporate local and seasonal ingredients into your menus?

To cater more to the Asian palate, I introduce creative twists that reduce reliance on salt in my dishes. I primarily source vegetables from Thailand, while for proteins, I exclusively use imports from France or Japan. Finding high-quality proteins that elevate French cuisine remains a challenge here in Thailand.

"My only goal is to create dishes that bring emotion, for me a dish needs to create memories, even sometimes can shock the palate to create everlasting memories."

- Chef Arnaud Dunand

4. Can you walk us through your creative process when crafting a new dish or menu?

Normally, it takes around one month for me to create a new menu. I always start to think about three ingredients that work well together. After that, I take a break and think about the best way to make all those flavours shine. There are always some secret ingredients and hidden techniques. But we always keep the same goal to enhance the main ingredients.

5. What do you aim to bring to Bangkok’s culinary scene with Maison Dunand?

When I arrived in Thailand 12 years ago, I served as the chef at Le Normandie in Mandarin Oriental, where I earned two Michelin stars. I consider myself a pioneer of French fine dining in the region. Over the years, I have taken great pleasure in enhancing the importation of high-quality products to Thailand, aiming to elevate the fine dining scene.

At Maison Dunand, my current venture, I strive to build upon this foundation with a more personal approach. I integrate elements of Asian and Alps influences, enriching the culinary experience with unique flavours and textures.

6. What do you hope the guests will take away from dining at Maison Dunand?

My only goal is to create dishes that bring emotion. To me, a dish should create lasting memories – even occasionally surprising the palate to leave a lasting impression. I want diners to recall their dining experience at my restaurant, remembering each flavour and sensation long after they've left.


All imagery is courtesy of Maison Dunand.

Address: 55 Sathorn 10, Silom, Bang Rak Bangkok 10500 | Website: | Phone: +66 65 639 0515 | Email: | Instagram: @maisondunandbkk | Facebook: @maisondunandbkk


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