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Spice Up Your Next BBQ With South African Meats, Biltong & Booze From Biltong Chief


Biltong – the crunchy, cured dried meat that makes an excellent snacking option – originated in South Africa and has seen become popular worldwide for its flavourful, aromatic taste. There are many variations of the succulent snack, but few come close to the quality goods that come from its homeland. In Hong Kong, it seems even less likely that one would come across such, but queue in Biltong Chief, the South African meat distributor that's been paving the way since 2015 with its fine selection of biltong and beyond. It's since expanded its collection to South African meats and drinks, all available online. Here are a few features that we love about Biltong Chief.

This article is also available to read in Chinese (HK).

High protein snacks for an active lifestyle

A surprising but delightful fact about biltong is that it's actually very high in protein and offers as a delicious, nutritious healthy snack. Whether you're a gym junkie or planning a backyard barbecue, biltong is a healthy option to fill hungry bellies. Biltong Chief features air-dried South African-style jerky that's ready to eat, low in sugar, gluten-free and a source of Vitamin B12. All the biltong is grass-fed and made in the traditional South African way.

Partnering with their South African butcher, who has over 50 years of biltong-making experience, Biltong Chief developed an authentic and traditional biltong using healthier ingredients (grass-fed beef, over 50% protein, low sugar, MSG free).

Restaurant quality meats

Biltong Chief expanded its collection to offer premium South African braai (barbecue) meats for the modern Hong Konger. The product range spans beef, lamb, pork, poultry, seafood, game meat and more in a range of premium butcher cuts, all sourced from quality producers and using temperature-controlled delivery seven days a week.

The perfect barbecue

When founders Dylan and Matt, University friends from South Africa who represented the Hong Kong XV National Rugby team together, founded Biltong Chief, they wanted to bring their favourite meats and the nostalgic of quintessential barbecues from their hometown and thus, here we are six years later. Biltong Chief's guaranteed selection of fine meats makes the perfect addition to any barbecue or friendly get-together—best enjoyed with a refreshing pint, which, oh yes, they have that too. Bring together friends or family to host your next meaty feast and what's a celebration without booze? Biltong Chief also offers a range of South African wines and beers to add to your fiesta.

You can try their friendly and responsive service online that delivers the next day to your doorstep or their biltong bar and deli in Wan Chai, Chief's Blend.

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All images courtesy of Biltong Chief.


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