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The Best Tech & Lifestyle Products of 2022

As the year closes in, it's time to pamper yourself, your family and your friends with some luxurious gifts. Here is our collection of the best lifestyle products of 2022 that you definitely deserve after this long year ...

Perfumes & Fragrance

The Sun Magnolia fragrance is a harmonious representation of soft floral flavours with a refreshing citrus scent, bringing the sunkissed flower fields right to you.

For sweet and warming notes of Madagascan vanilla, the Vaniglia fragrance adds a refreshingly crisp aroma to your outfit.

Nothing can top laying in your bed after a warm shower and soaking in a room of relaxing aromatic scents. Muji's Large Aroma Diffuser could not be more perfect in its design as it vaporises water and essential oils of your choice, to produce a cool, dry and beautiful mist.

The Intuition Scented Candle will melt into a cosy olfactory vibe with its combination of citrus zest and smoky woody arabica coffee and black tea.

Perfumer Julie Massé joined hands with TERRE DE MARS to design the Intuition Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser bringing a calming aroma throughout any room it is placed in.

Diptyque's Baies / Berrie Candle is an iconic scent of fresh blackcurrant berries with soft rose touches that takes you on a midnight stroll in a wintery forest.



This hand gel contains bioactive ingredients (coffee extract, argan oil and rosemary extract) to thoroughly clean your hands while leaving a refreshing scent.

Blended with bioactive ingredients of coffee and rosemary extract, the Reddition Body Cleanser cleanses and protects while leaving a soothing scent for all skin types.

The Imminence Body & Hand Nourishing Milk from TERRE DE MARS is designed to gently smoothen the skin with an aromatic scent that feels soft at the touch.

The minimalistic art piece reflects Diptyque's artistry by hand, made by ceramist Toma Blok. (Not yet available in Hong Kong).



This stylish Wireless Charging Stand is a versatile addition to your desk. The two dedicated wireless charging spots and USB-A port ensures that your electronics – charging up to three at a time – are always ready to go.

Marshall's Woburn II speaker is a masterful creation and is the ultimate gift for music lovers. As the brand's largest speaker, it offers robust sound like no other, hitting crisp high trebles and handling low bass expertly with a clear, lifelike mid range. This giant wood-clad beauty wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet or computer, and seamlessly matches any home with its chic design.

The small compact Marshall Willen is not to be underestimated. Wireless and water-resistant, the tiny speaker creates a concert-like vibrance wherever you go.

The Monitor II A.N.C. delivers Marshall's high-quality sound performance right to your ears while blocking out external disturbances with active noise cancellation. Its superior quality technology makes this companion your go-to for an all-day listening experience.

Taking a step back to the good old days, Muji's Wall mounted CD Player gives the room a classy and homey touch. It has FM Radio, remote control and a backlit LCD display.



Created by designer Harry Allen who took inspiration from the often neglected little touches of everyday objects, the Turtle Box was inspired by the shelled creature. It comes with a secret storage compartment.

This beautiful piece is a Diptyque exclusive by bronze-smith Osanna Visconti. Unique in creation, the ornament brings a sense of eternity and serenity into your space. (Not yet available in Hong Kong).

Allow Aynhow Park's breathtaking creation to fill up the room in which it sits.

The 2-in-1 portable LED lamp and Bluetooth speaker was crowned the winner of the 2022 Red Dot Design Award. Glowing with its multicoloured light and 360° speaker, the Mina L Audio brightens your room with upbeat energy and life!



Stimulate your brain with a memory game on music with this Printworks curation. Match iconic costumes of artists to their hit-song lyrics and feel free to sing your heart out while you are at it!

Bright and fun, the Printworks Tumbling Tower is always a fun game to have around. Try to beat the highest 44 levels of tiles!

Let the craft of Mahjong be carried over by the art of Italian craftsmanship!

Both chic and classic in design, this chess board set reflects the timelessness of Ralph Lauren.


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