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The Bill Bensley Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide


Bill Bensley is a renowned landscape architect, architect and interior designer who has designed over 200 hospitality projects in 50 countries. The founder and creative director of Bangkok and Bali-based design studio BENSLEY, recommends to us his top sustainable gifts this year. Read our full interview with Bill.

Buy an original painting or print of mine, where all proceeds go to the Wildlife Alliance and the Shinta Mani Foundation.

Like Scribed or Audible – and put Bill Gates' "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster" at the top of the list!

Go Antiquing and Find Gorgeous Decorative Items or Even Some Furniture

I find objects with a tale to tell make a much better gift than something brand new! You could even do some upcycling.

In the Same Vein, Check Out Some Vintage Stores and Thrift Shops

For beautiful clothes or bags – Zara sure doesn't make em like this!

And/or sponsor a water well or bicycle for a needy family.

Like travelling to Misool. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth and they are doing such good work – what we are doing with wild, they are doing with the ocean.

How about some patchwork toys by Kit Kemp, made with offcuts from her design studio?

Last of All, If You are Wrapping Presents...

PLEASE do not buy wrapping paper and boxes galore. Newspapers make gorgeous wrapping paper with some fun ribbon, or with some paint splashed on. You could cover leftover boxes with it and other paper scraps – a magazine collage! – and tie dried plants into the ribbon bow.

A Tree or Some Seeds – Get Growing!

There is no gift more beautiful than something you can watch come to life.

Another Experience-Based Gift: Visit the #TurnOffThePlasticTap Exhibition by Benjamin Von Wong, and Enter His Massive Giveaway

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