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The Holistic Eco-Salon of Hong Kong: Emmanuel F

Opening its doors in 2003, Emmanuel F. has earned its title as Hong Kong’s first hair salon to use 100% organic, chemical-free products for its spa and hair services. Everything about this sanctuary is environmentally-friendly—from the biodegradable shampoo and conditioners to the eco laundry detergents used for washing the towels. Glamour yourself without the harmful effects of toxic mainstream products here for guilt-free pampering. We visited the luxury sustainable salon to learn more about its ethos, treatments and facilities and experience a cut and blowdry with a facial.

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The hair salon is situated only a two-minute walk from Sheung Wan MTR station, a convenient yet peaceful area in the heart of nearby Central. Emmanuel F. is decked with bamboo interiors and minimalist (recycled) furniture to enhance the luxury property’s environmental support.

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers

Eco Ethos

Founder Emmanuel took a turn in his life when he decided to change his lifestyle habits and only source and use green products for himself and his customers. Thus, Emmanuel F hair salon and spa was born, an eco-haven using only certified-organic, natural products from 100% natural origins to ensure that anyone who enters breathes and feels only the best quality ingredients—free from negative substances and chemicals.

The five pillars of sustainable practices include:

  1. Air – free from toxic chemicals like ammonia, with no pungent smells

  2. Waste – free from aluminium foils, plastic cups, cutlery, water bottles

  3. Water – water-saving equipment, routines, specialised water filters

  4. Energy – Energy-efficient 100% LED lighting, screens and electrical appliances

  5. Resources – 100% recyclable and natural resources, preferably organic

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Everything inside the property smells fresh and clean—unlike some other salons which leave you suffocating a bit from the extensive use of ammonia. Rest assured that you will leave feeling guilt-free from the zero-waste policies here, an inspiration for eco-warriors in the city. Whether you choose to have your hair cut, massage, facial or hair highlights, the treatments are delightfully environmentally-curated. The salon was using handmade, washable (with eco-friendly wash) cotton strips to replace aluminum in highlights, and now uses its own washable paper as a biodegradable option for treatments.

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The property is split into a hair salon and spa, both boasting a generous portion of space. The spa is secluded and soundproof, making it a more intimate treatment. One of the highlights is the star-studded ceiling in the shampoo/hairwash room—quite the twinkling distraction. Meanwhile, in the hair salon, clients can choose to put up subtle panels for more privacy during treatment.

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I was introduced to Jimmy, a friendly eco-warrior and my Senior Hair Stylist for the day. The experience began with an initial Health and Style consultation where the professional observed and tested my hair to see the type and strength of my scalp and locks. For my hair health, it was deemed as dry and sensitive, mostly from my scalp being exposed to the sun from my repetitive parting. Jimmy recommended me to change my parting regularly to allow time for the scalp to heal—something that I had never considered before and made so much sense when explained. He also conducted a test for hair strength by checking how sturdy the strands were, which unfortunately they were not due to breakage and lack of hair care in my recent busy months.

Next, the style—the stylist analysed my face shape and hair length and suggested I go for a cut to frame my profile better but keep it long and lush—he also recommended that I should start using purple shampoo to reduce chrome tones from my previous highlights or opt for a gradual tone colour correction which I will definitely pursue on my next visit.

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Hair Mask

I was taken to the hairwash room where I can definitely say is the most unique shampooing I’ve ever experienced—enter a dark starry night room for a moment of peace and look up to the twinkling ceiling whilst having a wash and head massage. All the products are organic and natural so everything breathed in and used on the scalp is toxin-free. After my shampoo, I had the hair treatment using Organic Colour System’s SoothePlus treatment—a formula designed to cool the scalp and calm irritation, made from organic fennel, chamomile, sea mayweed and aloe vera. I immediately felt the soothing effects against my red scalp and there was no discomfort that I sometimes get from other salons using harsh chemicals. Jimmy then applied the Organic Colour System’s PowerBuild Revamp treatment to restore head health, particularly from mine being so damaged. This aims to add volume and protection naturally from quinoa protein and was nourished throughout my hair.

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Gone are the days of mindless dwindling whilst waiting for your treatment to settle. Emmanuel F offers the unique opportunity to completely unwind during your hair experience by heading to their spa for a facial, wax, massage or slimming therapy. With the treatment in place and wrapped up securely for moisture retention, I entered the peaceful sanctuary for my 75-minute facial. After the consultation, my spa therapist recommended I have the Balancing facial, which catered to sensitive, combination skin types. Products used at the spa are from Phyt’s, a French certified-organic and all-natural skincare label to coincide with Emmanuel F’s ethos of eco supplies. The facial included a back massage, scrub cleanse, face steaming, blackhead and acne removal followed by a soothing mask. Whilst the mask was moisturising my skin, I had a hand and foot massage for a full pampering experience.

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Blowdry and Cut

Post facial, I had my hair washed to release the treatment which had been soaking and nourishing my roots for the past 1.5 hours. During the blowdry, I could already see a massive difference in the quality of my hair—there was so much more volume and definition compared to prior to my visit—an overall healthier look. Jimmy trimmed my hair and fringe to frame my face more and curled it to give bouncy, energising locks.

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It’s needless to say that the treatments and products at Emmanuel F not only offer a unique, professional haircare (and spa) experience but are also able to tick all the boxes towards providing an eco-friendly holistic service—a rare find in Hong Kong. I was left feeling radiant from my facial and confident from the healthier and voluminous hair treatment and cut. Everything about the hair salon and spa attends to exquisite service, quality ingredients—sourced from the most reliable, environmental and healthy products as a one-stop destination for eco-wellness pampering.

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Hair Cut and Blow Dry (including organic shampoo and conditioner with head massage) with Senior Stylist: $950 HKD

Signature Hair Care Treatment (natural and certified organic): $1260 HKD

Signature Facial: $1100 HKD (75 minutes)

Full Menu: https://www.emmanuelf.com/website_signup_menu.pdf

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More Info: emmanuelf.com

Insta: @emmanuelfhk | Facebook: @emmanuelfhongkong

Phone: +852 2167 8280 | Email: ef@emmanuelf.com

Address: G/F, 176 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong (changed locations since our visit)