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The Inspiring Success Story of Lafit Florist

In just a few years, the Lafit brand has gradually developed from an online store to two brick-and-mortar stores and is the only high-end flower arrangement brand in Times Square, Causeway Bay. Lafit is synonymous with elegance and fantasy in many people's minds. Each and every bouquet is meticulously arranged by expert florists and coincides with the founder's devotion to creating a harmonious environment. Lafit was founded by Layla Yeung, when she was only 22 years old. She quickly won the long-term support of many celebrities (such as Grace Chan, Dada, Hins Cheung, Gracie Wong, Eliza Sam, etc.), many Internet celebrities and customers. In addition to being a luxurious flower shop, it can be said that it is Lafit is like a private flower art exhibition. To learn more about Lafit's story, we caught up with founder Layla.

This article is also available to read in Chinese (HK).

Can you tell us about yourself and how you got into the world of flowers?

I am a person who is full of curiosity about many things. I can spend so much time studying and researching something I love – the more I understand it, the more interested I become. I have certain requirements and obsessions with beauty, so the process of making flowers makes me happy. I can make different colour combinations according to my own preferences. I have always been sensitive to colour, so I really enjoyed flower arranging. I love to unleash my imagination to create the most beautiful bouquets.

Since I am a person who knows my own ideas very well, and I have experience in running an online store, I boldly try to make different bouquets with my own style and sell them online. I found that the shops selling flowers on the Internet were less likely to use pictures, so they took pictures of the bouquets as a model, and every time they produced a product, they would take some time to choose some romantic names with artistic and artistic words, which gradually attracted attention. Business requires endless creativity and trend-making. All the things I love in life are sources of inspiration. I like soft pastel colours, so dreamy and elegant colours are our style. People who want to follow us are not just focusing on buying and selling products, but hope that our flowers can heal the soul, so that everyone can forget their troubles when they see them.

As a famous Hong Kong preserved flower shop brand, can you share your experience of success?

When building a brand or starting a business, I think you have to stick to your own unique style. When I first entered the industry, preserved flowers were not yet popular, and I preferred to make some niche designs that were not yet popular on the market at the time. It is easier for customers to remember the original and unique style in the market. Many people have told us that as long as they see the bouquets of pastel tone dream colours, they will think of Lafit, so the uniqueness of a store is very important.

In addition, we attach great importance to the experience of customers. I think flowers are the energy that can convey happiness and joy. I hope that every customer can enjoy the beauty brought by flowers in addition to feeling our professionalism when purchasing flowers at Lafit. In the presentation of floral arrangements, it is regarded as a work of art rather than a commodity. The difference is that customers will feel the intention of each of our products, and they are more inclined to design them by us. Naturally, there is a group of customers who support us for a long time.

What is the philosophy behind the Lafit brand?

The Lafit brand pursues romanticism. I really hope that Lafit flowers can become the first choice for people to give gifts and buy flowers. In addition to bringing everyone a luxurious experience, buying flowers becomes a habit and makes life full of rituals. Luxury does not just mean that the product has an expensive value, but it should give the pursuit of deeper spiritual satisfaction. The feeling of being loved by a girl can often be remembered for a lifetime.

Each flower gift product represents our art of heart, and the hand-made production contains the heart of blessing to make it. I hope that everyone who receives the flowers will feel happy and that each bouquet will send a message of their love to the flower giver. Therefore, I pay more attention to the warmth that our flowers can bring to people's hearts and treat floral art with the highest standards. There is a story or artistic concept behind the design of each bouquet of flowers. We hope to bring guests to our unique Lafit flower world and record unforgettable memories.

Compared with traditional flower shops, Lafit is definitely one of the more luxurious adaptations of a flower shop. What do you think is the main reason for your popularity?

Each product must remain unique and pursue the most delicate presentation. We will continue to innovate instead of chasing trends and create a floral craze exclusive to Lafit. It will also launch exclusive new works or newly blended gradient rose dream shades from time to time, hoping to bring art and large furniture design to life through practical floral works.

Consumers in Hong Kong are very demanding, so only by insisting on making products with soul and content can they meet their advanced psychological needs. Every piece of work has meaning, so there are also many customers who think it has collection value. We want to evoke long-term support and love from happy customers.

Ordinary flowers can only be kept for a few days, and they wither too quickly, so many girls feel that they are wasting "luxury goods" that are not practical. On the contrary, preserving flowers can keep the flowers in their most beautiful state, so they can be kept for a year or more. In terms of material selection, we will only use top flower materials from Japan and Ecuador, with exclusive flowering techniques and floral design, presenting the exclusive French elegance of Lafit.

What are your most popular and best-selling products? What makes them unique?

The Gradient Fresh Rose bouquets are our signature. Many customers will choose this bouquet when they buy flowers for the first time. It is a heart-warming gift that girls love! In addition to the unique floral design on the bouquet, a lot of thought was spent on the matching of the multi-layered wrapping paper and ribbons. The Lafit logo gold medal on the wrapping paper has also become our logo. It is like a mark of Lafit on each artwork. When you see this gold medal, you will know that it is our product.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom Preserved Flower Crystal Ball Light < The Sakura > is a mega bestseller. It took more than half a year to develop it and it received a great response when it finally launched. Every ranking and detail of the cherry blossoms and matching flowers need to be made with extremely delicate skills, so as to present the most beautiful works in detail. Each hand-made bouquet is unique and meaningful.

Lafit Jewellery, your new jewellery brand of the same name, opened in 2021, can you share more about this launch?

Lafit Jewellery is a new elegant luxury jewellery brand opened by Lafit, hoping to bring the persistence of floral beauty to Lafit Jewellery.

I think that jewellery is an indispensable item for every graceful girl. I have to wear different delicate accessories every day to make my overall look more chic and the most simple and noble designs can better highlight the temperament of girls. Inspired by soft and elegant floral colours, Lafit jewelry has two categories: Fashion Jewellery and Fine Jewellery. Made of high-quality materials such as 18K gold, diamonds, sapphires, freshwater pearls and sterling silver plated with 14K gold, it is both art and jewellery. It's designed in the most beautifully packaged jewellery box with the theme colour of Morandi rose bean paste, showing a low-key and luxurious attitude.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

I know that the competition in this industry is very big, because the entry threshold is very low, and it requires relatively little capital to start, so in recent years, many online stores have been opened. There are very few physical stores in this industry, so if you want to break out in the industry, you need to have a lot of new ideas and recognise the positioning of your store. Measure expensive rent and money to hire employees. The ability to withstand pressure in this industry must be high, and you must have your own aesthetic vision. If you don’t have a unique personal style, blindly following the market will only lead to vicious competition and low prices. Only by producing different original designs can the flower market flourish.

Do you have any future plans or new developments that you can share with us?

In the future, in addition to the research and development of innovative floral products, we will focus on designing more crazy styles of jewellery, and launch more fantasy sets of floral and jewellery, hoping to let everyone feel our unique romantic experience. Lafit also officially entered the NFT metaverse world this year. The designer team restored Lafit's original bouquet in a 1:1 ratio, creating the only NFT Pixel bouquet in Hong Kong. Each NFT can be exchanged for the corresponding entity bouquet, which runs through the reality and the metaverse world. We hope to lead the brand to the forefront and let people experience Lafit's diversified artistic touch.

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