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The Jones Family Kitchen: Belgravia's Succulent Steak Specialists


The way we experience dining can be so strongly linked to image evocation, literally and figuratively, and before I arrived at renowned steak specialists, The Jones Family Kitchen, I had already mulled over the several possibilities of what my visit there might be like. I simply could not get this picture-perfect sequence of sublime British comfort dishes, and most importantly Steak, of course, served one after another in a wonderfully warm and sophisticated environment. You can imagine then my barely contained glee when I made my way through the beautifully restored historic area of Eccleston Yards, nestled away somewhere just between Ebury Street and the bustling Victoria Station like a well-kept delicious secret, and arrived directly outside the glass doors of their open, airy and contemporarily artistic restaurant. As soon as we snuck a peek of their outdoor terrace seating area with the ultramarine blue umbrellas, colourful blankets draped over chairs and its vibrant green manicured lawn, we knew almost instantly that a wonderfully intimate and delightful experience lay ahead of us.

Image courtesy of The Jones Family Kitchen
Image courtesy of The Jones Family Kitchen

On a gorgeous sunny day with not a single cloud in sight, we were fortunate enough to be sat outside on their lovely terrace area with a view of the brightly illuminated yard and all its vivid, lush greenery on full display in front of us, and the darker contrasting restaurant’s interior right behind us. Whilst the atmosphere of the outdoor garden area was light and carefree reflected in the bright summery colours of its furnishings and thanks to the unbeatable radiance of the sun which washed over all of Eccleston’s Yard, the ambience inside told another story. Slate grey walls with popart paintings hung upon them, exposed piping and modern minimalistic ceiling lights that cast a gorgeous warm glow within all lend a polished and trendy edge to the artistic establishment, working as an impressive contrast to their airy and quaint outdoor space.

Image courtesy of Daniella Wu

British alfresco dining at its finest

Image courtesy of Daniella Wu

We were greeted at our table by the incredibly welcoming Angie who deserves special thanks and a mention for having hosted us so graciously and having been so unconditionally helpful and generous through the course of the evening. The MacMurray Russian River Valley 2017 Pinot Noir was recommended to us as a refreshingly crisp red option for a day as warm as ours and one that would transition well between our steak dishes and the fish starter, and I’ve honestly not been able to stop thinking about this delectable wine ever since.

Image courtesy of Daniella Wu

Pan-Fried Scallops and Brown Shrimps

Our first starter came in a glossy and saucy bed with perfectly seared browned tops that yielded just the right amount of resistance that you would want in each bite of this nationally beloved fish. Garnished with savoury Samphire and Salsify and drenched in Blood Orange, the delicate blending of sweet and savoury notes served excellently to accentuate the scallops.

Image courtesy of Daniella Wu

Jones’ Fillet Tartare

Our second starter was served alongside two pieces of beef-dripping sourdough toast. This glistening pink-red tartare is one of The Jones Family Kitchen’s most popular and recommended starters and it’s obvious to see why. The chopped up minced beef was garnished with crispy fried onions on top and cooked in Jus Pear so when you take your first bite, you’re rewarded instantly with an oaky, smoky sweetness that floods the tastebuds.

Image courtesy of Daniella Wu

We’re now approaching the main event of our dinner, the course that we had both been patiently and eagerly waiting for: Chateaubriand Steak.

This sharing cut of prime Chateaubriand was accompanied with a buttery and sumptuous Red Wine Jus + Peppercorn Sauce that bathed the sea salt-crusted meat in an otherworldly velvety and rich liquid – the ideal complement to an exquisitely juicy and tender cut of steak, boasting a perfect medium-rare, vivid deep rose colour within when sliced. Naturally, the star of the show shines best when flanked by equally outstanding supporting acts. Our side dishes consisted of a heavenly, creamy Truffle Mac and Cheese, fragrant Sautéed Mushrooms, golden and layered Dauphinoise Potatoes and a florid green Sautéed Italian Lettuce. With the addition of some English and French Mustard, our steak course was easily our evening’s most exceptional course and exceeded all our expectations as one would hope for at this steak specialist establishment.

Image courtesy of Daniella Wu

Alphonso Mango Bavarois and the Chocolate & Peanut Cream Cake

To round off our evening we enjoyed the Alphonso Mango Bavarois and the Chocolate & Peanut Cream Cake. As its name would suggest, the first dessert was a gorgeous and dreamy mango concoction – the perfect tropical and tarty dessert for a warmer day when dining alfresco. It consisted of a refreshing and citrusy Mango Sorbet next to a soft and bouncy Mango Genoise Sponge Cake with a firmer biscuit-like base, drizzled over with a thick and saturated mango sauce and sprinkled with biscuit crumbs.

Image courtesy of Daniella Wu

Chocolate Cake

The layered slice of Chocolate Cake offered a velvety and rich taste of dark chocolate and sweet cherries with a silky-smooth texture that allows the fork to glide right through it. Its base was made up of chocolate and nuts and offered a satisfying crunchy texture that married marvellously with its softer body. Garnished with microgreens, droplets of cherry sauce and a sliced strawberry, this is a dessert you consume with your visual senses first before you taste it. We enjoyed a frothy Cappuccino and a dainty and dark Macchiato as a farewell to this lovely evening where we managed to enjoy a stunning and sophisticated medley of classic Anglo-European plates. The team's exemplary service and charming personalities made our experience a real pleasure, exactly what you would hope to find in a ‘family kitchen’ restaurant, making it the perfect place amidst Victoria for families, couples, and friends alike to enjoy sensational steak.

The Jones Family Kitchen, 7-8 Eccleston Yards, London SW1W 9AZ, United Kingdom, 020 3929 6000,


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