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The Most Beautiful Destinations to Visit For Autumn Foliage

Autumn is the ideal season to travel thanks to its crisp, cool air and vibrantly coloured foliage displays. The splendid red, purple, orange, and yellow marks the seasonal shift from summer to winter. We're yet again approaching that beautiful time of year when temperatures start to decline and nature begins to lay on a whole showcase.

Image courtesy of Simon Goetz

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is gorgeous at any time of year, but fall brings out the beauty of the Aspen trees and their golden radiance come autumn. The vibrant scenery against the backdrop of snow-covered mountains and azure cloudless skies is really breathtaking. Furthermore, slightly colder temperatures, fewer visitors, and reduced accommodation costs make September and October ideal months for visiting this mountain village.

Image courtesy of Filiz Elaerts

Mount Fuji, Japan

View magnificent Mount Fuji while its covered by autumn foliage. During the autumn season, the

volcanic mountain shines out against the surrounding reds and oranges. Mount Fuji is one of Japan's most

prominent sights. and its autumn leaves are almost as treasured as cherry blossoms.

Image courtesy of Piotr Chrobot

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The city's parks and canals are transformed by the vibrant foliage, pubs and restaurants become wonderfully snug, and the cultural calendar is jam-packed with activities. Amsterdam is one of Europe's most green cities, with over 400,000 trees. The foliage turns red, yellow, and orange in autumn, making it a great time to take enjoyable walks

in the parks or along the famous canals.

Image courtesy of Mike Swigunski

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes are a geographical wondrous place and unquestionably Croatia's most famous national

park. The maples and beech trees turn golden and crimson, adorning the waterfalls and tranquil lakes. All of this beauty is mirrored on the water's surface. Around Plitvice, you'll discover breathtaking views on the boardwalks, waterfalls, and wonderful treks. You can hike to the outstanding overlook vantage spots with views of the valley bottom and nearby sights.

Image courtesy of Adam Wilson

Edinburgh, Scotland

Autumn in Edinburgh is ideal for city walks as the leaves turn a gorgeous golden brown and there's a chill

in the air. If the weather conditions become bad, tourists can warm themselves at one of the many indoor

attractions, museums, and galleries to keep them entertained. Whether it is on an official tour or simply

admiring from distance, take the initiative of visiting the Castle to marvel at the leafy displays amid historical surroundings.

Image courtesy of Daniel Tseng

Kyoto, Japan

The cherry blossoms of Japan are well-known across the world, but the autumn colours in Kyoto may just be

even more stunning. The Kyoto region is a famous tourist destination because it is densely packed with old shrines and temples. It is also well-known for having several locations to admire the autumn foliage. Seasonal activities are held in temples and shrines at this time, creating a beautiful spectacle. Early November to early December is the ideal time to observe the magnificent gold and red leaves in Kyoto. The most spectacular and visited places in Kyoto include Takao, Kiyomizudera, Eikando, Daigoji, Kitano, Kodaiji, and Tofukuji, although there are many, many more to enjoy.


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