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The Most Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas & Experiences 2022


February 14th is a holiday marked in most ladies' calendars, whether it's a love or hate relationship with the season of romance. Whether you're celebrating with your amour, bestie or as Bieber puts it just to, Love Yourself, here's a guide to some gifts that will set the mood right.

This article is also available to read in Chinese (HK).

For the ultimate all-in-one gifting experience, floral specialists MOHLIA has compiled an advent calendar to cater to every man and woman looking to please their beaus and belles this year. The Valentine's Day Advent Calendar package comes with 14 artisan-made, locally-sourced presents to celebrate this special occasion together. From beauty babies from Le Glamor and a perfume atomiser from Mia Marca to a Palo Santo and Sage Bundle from MOHLIA, this is the perfect choice to amp up V-day – all the while being affordable.

The full brand list includes:

  1. MOHLIA - Palo Santo and Sage Bundle

  2. MOHLIA - Portable Charger

  3. MOHLIA - Red Rose Ringbox

  4. L’Dezen - Ballpoint and iPhone Screen Pen

  5. Social Baos - 2022 Planner

  6. Le Glamor - Lip Scrub and Sheer

  7. Eternity Jewels - Necklace

  8. Flying Wish - Trinket Dishes

  9. Munchin Chocolatier - Assorted Chocolate Box

  10. Freedom2Sparkle Jewelry - Bracelet

  11. Crystals for Night - Crystal Love Candle

  12. Skincure Asia - Mystery Skincare Product

  13. Mia Marca - Perfume Atomiser

  14. Anaphe - Hair Wrap

Sponsored additional products by Sneaker Surge and Sushma Zahira

Price: US$250

Karma Links Jewellery is inspired by empowering and ancient symbols with a trendy twist. Jewellery is always a reliable go-to for gifting and these Gold Flower Petal Hoop Earrings are ideal for everyday outfits, whether it's casual errands or nights out on the town. This pretty pair will wear well through the years as a timeless staple. It's handmade in Thailand and crafted from 18K gold plated sterling silver. Gift your bestie or lover with this chic pair.

Price: HK$590

Indulge yourself or a loved one this special Valentine's Day with the most amazing and beautiful gift set from Aromonix. The Rose and Argan Fusion Anti-aging Serum offers a relaxing and sweet aroma. This oil is best used with the traditional Gua Sha massage crystal brought to you in collaboration with The Rose Ritual, The crystal helps to tighten, remove fine lines and wrinkles and gives your skin a beautiful glow.

Price: HK$399

Price: HK$1,338

Price: HK$690

Price: from HK$988 per person

Price: HK$4,900

Price: HK$399

Price: upon request

Price: HK$197

Price: US$4.50

Price: HK$660


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