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Two Nights at TUVE—a Design-Led Boutique Hotel in Eccentric Tin Hau


Hong Kong is at no shortage of luxury gems in the city, many of which are conveniently located within downtown surroundings. Venture a little further from the harbourside starlets, however, and you'll find an abundance of treasures, sometimes lesser-known, but nonetheless are usually memorable and charming. That's the beauty of boutique hotels, although one has to take into account the obvious setback of minimal facilities. Hidden away in a discreet enclave between Causeway Bay and Tin Hau, lies TUVE, a sophisticated, design-savvy hotel offering a futuristic respite away from the crowds. We checked into the sleek hotel to experience the TUVE x I.T. staycation package in the TUVE x IT - White Premier Room, followed by a one-night stay in the Black Premier Room.

TUVE x I.T. - White Premier Room | Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | CSP Times

Tin Hau has been an underrated neighbourhood in Hong Kong for some time now, yet with the influx of new openings including TUVE and its neighbouring restaurant Superhooman, among others, it's been drawing in more crowds looking for something different. The district remains a popular spot for its local insider eats, which remain lesser-known among foreigners.

The first thing to notice about the hotel is the intriguing interiors. Designed by Hong Kong studio Design Systems LTD., TUVE exudes a minimalist contemporary appeal, stimulated by its predominantly concrete and wood interiors and moody ambience.

The reception at TUVE Hotel | Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | CSP Times

Despite the overarching theme of slate greys and black metal, there is an emphasis on using colour that is also found in nature. The gold specks in the reception area are reminiscent of dark starry nights while the rooms are flooded with natural light and more hints of white.

First Night: TUVE x I.T. Staycation White Premier Room

TUVE x I.T. - White Premier Room | Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | CSP Times
TUVE x I.T. - White Premier Room | Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | CSP Times

For our first night, we stayed in the TUVE x I.T. room, furnished with the unique multi-brand fashion house's products. Minimal, uncluttered and calm, the boutique hotel mirrors the brand's pared-back aesthetic, with a quirky street-style twist. Elements like the skateboard and A BATHING APE signature products are found throughout and can be bought by staycation customers. The king-sized bed and crisp sheets made an ample snooze and wake-up for the city staycation.

TUVE x I.T. - White Premier Room | Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | CSP Times

The room was surprisingly more spacious than we would have imagined and the bathroom was well-stocked and as magnificent as we had hoped.

TUVE x I.T. x Superhooman Afternoon Tea | Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | CSP Times

The TUVE x I.T. staycation includes an afternoon tea at downstairs Superhooman restaurant—an eatery that isn't part of the hotel but showcases a similar grey, futuristic colour theme. Tuck into this scrumptious feast when you have time—the desserts are also phenomenal.

Breakfast at Superhooman, included in the stay at TUVE | Image courtesy of Faye Bradley | CSP Times

Although TUVE doesn't have its own restaurant, it frequently partners up with Superhooman (the same location for afternoon tea). The restaurant is a great place for all day dining and cocktails in the night—but you won't be there the whole day eating, so if you ask the hotel staff they are also happy to recommend any neighbourhood gems to try out. Our breakfast was exquisite, the eggs benedict and the matcha waffles—a perfect way to begin the day. One thing to take note of though is that the restaurant opens at 9:30am, which is perfect for a morning snooze but less than ideal for those looking to seize the day. It is however available until 11:30am so you can venture around and come back in time for your morning meal.

For our second night, we checked into the Black Premier Room, a spacious, design-led room incorporating similar elements to its predecessor but with more focus on simplicity.

Second Night: Black Premier Room at TUVE

Black Premier Room | Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | CSP Times
Black Premier Room | Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | CSP Times
Black Premier Room | Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | CSP Times

A huge highlight of the Black Premier Room was undoubtedly the expansive rainforest shower—the biggest shower we've seen in Hong Kong so far. Guests can come in here and really unwind in the undisturbed glory of its surroundings. Similar calm colour tones distributed in the rooms set the scene for retreating in your own hotel room at TUVE. The wide desk area allows laptop work any time of the day, set apart from the bed area to really separate work and sleep. It's easy to understand why TUVE is celebrated for its exclusive design and boutique appeal, amplified by the personalised service that caters to your every need. Although the hotel doesn't offer all the additional facilities found in large-scale properties, it holds a quaint humbleness that strays far from pretentiousness and instead strives to support its local businesses and recommend any neighbourhood eats. If you're looking for a quiet respite away that feels far from the city—while being within close proximity of public transport taking you minutes to get into Central—TUVE is the place to be.


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