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Where to get Healthy Groceries in Hong Kong

As Hong Kong’s wellness scene expands in line with its growing demand, brands are taking note. Health and wellbeing are more prominent than ever, and with easier accessibility, shoppers can get their quick and healthy grocery fix. Whilst everyone deserves the occasional indulging takeout, home-cooked meals make weekends worthwhile. So, here are some of the best places to get your healthy groceries.

Green Vitamin

Specialising in fermented food and drinks, Green Vitamin is a Hong Kong-based company with a passion for raw, plant-based products. The brand serves fresh coconut water kefir, drinks, kombucha, water kefir, and coconut yogurts, to name a few. If you’re looking for dairy-free alternatives, Green Vitamin is a great healthy option.

Food For Life

As your one-stop shop for healthy groceries, Food For Life sells quality vitamin and nutritionist-certified products. From whole-food supplements to organic skincare, one can find all the necessary household items. Try the dairy-free and gluten-free specialties to cater to wellbeing.

healthy groceries in hong kong organic plus

Image courtesy of Organic Plus

Organic Plus

Dotted with outposts across the city, Organic Plus is a healthy grocery store to cater to Hong Kong wellbeing. As one of the first organic shops in the region, the shop offers everything from probiotics to nut milk.

Nature’s Village

Previously famed for its collection of body-building supplements and protein powders, Nature’s Village has expanded into more types of healthy foods and groceries across segments. Whether you’re craving healthier crisps, or a dairy-free chocolate, this store has you sorted.

healthy groceries in hong kong foodcraft

Image courtesy of Foodcraft


Founded by raw food chef, Shima Shimizu, Foodcraft provides healthy, allergy-free, alternative foods for customers looking to support wellbeing. The online platform enables shoppers to find all the basics, from fresh food to eco-cleaning products. Some unique concoctions include homemade vegan kimchi and brown rice ramens.


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