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Where to Get Modern & Traditional Cheongsams/Qipaos in Hong Kong


Qipaos/cheongsams are synonymous with Hong Kong culture. The traditional Chinese dress worn by women has a long history and is today considered one of the most elegant garments for the modern woman. Here's where to get traditional and contemporary qipaos and cheongsams in Hong Kong:

All imagery courtesy to respective brands. This article is also available to read in Chinese (HK).



Qipology, pronounced "chē’pol’ogy”, is a brand that reimagines the traditional qipao through a contemporary lens. Founder and designer Julie Liu created Qipology to pay tribute to the garment ubiquitous to Hong Kong ladies. Clients can choose from the ready-to-wear collection or opt for bespoke tailoring to make a qipao that perfectly hugs their figures. Pieces feel feminine, graceful and stylish all at the same time. The brand strives to celebrate qipao’s heritage in the modern era and can be described as a unique combination of ‘East meets West’.

Website: | Location: H314, Block B, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen St, Central, Hong Kong | Phone: +852 6061 4074 | Email: | Instagram: @qipology | Facebook: @scienceofqipao

Shanghai Tang

As a brand adored by fashion icons Princess Diana, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, Shanghai Tang continues to elevate the luxury fashion scene of the city. It has been almost 30 years since the late socialite Sir David Tang opened this beloved atelier in 1944. Even recognised by fashionistas as China's first luxury brand, Shanghai Tang's craftmanship ranges from Imperial Tailoring collection, ready-to-wear, accessories, home decorations, to collaborations with artists and designers. Perfect for both men and women, there are options for every occasion inspired by every era.

Website: | Email: | Instagram: @shanghaitang | Facebook: @shanghaitang

Vivienne Tam

The talented designer was once selected as the 25 Top Chinese Americans in Business in Forbes magazine, and her pieces are housed in permanent archives of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) and London's Victoria and Albert Museum. Tam is perhaps best known today for her harmonious marriage of fashion and technology. Her strong sense of cultural roots and identity has made Vivienne Tam a highly sought-after brand amongst the elites.

Website: | Email: | Instagram: @viviennetam | Facebook: @viviennetamnyc | Youtube: @viviennetam1303

Linva Tailor

In the Mood for Love is a Chinese romance movie classic from the 2000s starring Maggie Cheung in elegant and stunning qipaos crafted by Linva Tailor. This brand is Hong Kong's most experienced purveyor of cheongsams and it was founded in 1965 by tailor Leung Ching-wah. Embracing the traditional aesthetics of cheongsams, Linva Tailor continues to honour the garment's rich heritage and craftsmanship. Every piece, from fabric to collar, split length, Chinese knot buttons down to the very fine details are all taken care of in the careful planning and fittings.

Address: 38 Cochrane Street, Central & Western District, Hong Kong | Phone: +852 2544 2456 | Email: | Facebook: @linvatailor

Yan Shang Kee

For those simply looking for an authentic qipao experience, Yang Shang Kee is a boutique with professional stylists and photographers for a fun and elegant time. You can choose between rental or custom-made qipaos to fit your occasion. Yang Shang Kee values qipao's origin to highlight one's natural curves and confidence. Whether you like short or long sleeves, plain or patterned fabric, you can take your time to find your perfect qipao.

Address: Ground Floor No.4 , Wing Lee Street, Central, Hong Kong | Website: | Phone: +852 9411 2706 | Email: | Instagram: @yanshangkee | Facebook: @Yanshangkee

Yi Ming

With an appreciation for the arts and an eye for quality garments, former fashion model Grace Choi founded Yi Ming with a passion for qipaos. It is a blend of Oriental Chinese aesthetics and Western craftsmanship. Yi Ming's garments demonstrate both traditional flair and modern style, its qipaos moving through time with contemporary sophistication.

Address: 50A, Tung Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong | Website: | Phone: +852 3111-2268 | Email: | Instagram: @yimingoriental | Facebook: @YimingOriental | Youtube: @YimingOrientalcheongsam


Goods of Desire (G.O.D.) is a brand dedicated to showcasing Hong Kong's dynamic heritage through fashion and arts. Co-founded by designer, Douglas Young, and Chief Operating Officer, Benjamin Lau, to bring the culture alive in today's streets. The name phonetically resembles the phrase 'to live better' (住好啲) in Cantonese dialect, aligning perfectly with the brand's value. The qipao pieces are for daily use, for you to effortlessly fuse this classic ancient staple into current daily life.

Website: | Phone: +852 2890 5555 | Email: | Instagram: @goodsofdesire | Facebook: @goodsofdesire | Twitter: @hkgoodsofdesire | Pinterest: @goodsofdesire | Youtube: @god-hk


Celebrating feminine glamour in the contemporary Eastern vibrance, SAU LEE was created to capture the elegance and sensuality of women for women. To founder Cheryl Leung, the brand represents a love letter to women. The goal is to empower and support each other through the beloved qipao dresses. It is innovative in style and luxurious in sophistication.

Website: | Email: | Instagram: @saulee | Facebook: @saulee | Pinterest: @saulee


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