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Why You Need a Hydragun in Your Household

A review of Hydragun, the quietest massage gun on the market and one of the hottest new launches in Hong Kong

Image courtesy of Hydragun

Massage guns have made a sudden surge on social media and in the fitness industry for those looking to alleviate tension with home solutions. Whether this is the result of COVID and massage parlour closures or the simple need for accessible muscle relief anywhere, everywhere, is untold, but the goal remains the same among its customers—it's used to improve physical regime and relieve sore muscles and tension. We review the Hydragun which was recently launched in Hong Kong to cater to athletes, Olympians, professionals and gymgoers.

Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | Cha Siu Papers Times

What is it?

Hydragun is a performance technology startup that provides emerging product solutions to help individuals reach their physical and mental peak. The concept launched with a simple vision in mind—to provide a high-quality, affordable and well-designed massage gun to the market. We tried the Hydragun—as a non-pro-athlete—to eradicate pains that came from low-intensity gym sessions and all-day desk hunching. The state-of-the-art Hydragun arrives in a beautiful, sleek box and portable case to bring the machine wherever you go. It offers a handheld construction and utilises percussive therapy to alleviate sore muscles with rapid-fire pulses, speeding up the recovery of muscular aches and joint pains—all within the comfort of your own home. It can also be used on an everyday basis, whether you’re seeking relief from a gruelling workout or just looking to decompress while relaxing in front of the television.

Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | Cha Siu Papers Times


Both my partner and I are, like many of us, regrettably, desk slumpers. As much as we try to alleviate the back pains and try to improve daily posture, the result remains predominantly the same—post-work muscle pains. The Hydragun is designed to calibrate precisely to user's needs, with its six different speed settings, to cater to light recovery or intense post-workout relief. Moreover, the battery can last up to six hours and is lightweight and portable for easy transport. With this in mind, we were excited to explore the benefits of the newfound technology.

Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | Cha Siu Papers Times

We opened the parcel to uncover a stylish box containing the Hydragun and all its components. It comes with six different heads to target different areas of the body—instructions in box. When we switched on the Hydragun, probably the most notable first impression was its quietness. The almost soundless device is the result of its patented SmoothDrive™ Motor Technology, making it the quietest full-sized massage gun on the market at only 30-50dB. Despite this, the technology is very powerful and speedy so don't underestimate its capabilities.

First, we targeted the shoulders and lower back—where most of the pain resides. I asked my partner to test the machine on the back at a medium pace. The feeling is surprisingly comforting, thanks to its soothing after effects. Hydragun uses a comfortable and gripping material that makes it easy to hold and target. There are six speeds to choose from meaning you can really personalise your massage experience from start to finish. We continued to use the Hydragun every couple of days and can honestly say that sleep and general posture improved. The only downfall would be that it could be accompanied with some sort of post-massage cream—which is actually set to launch later this year. Overall, the product proved to be an easy and convenient solution to everyday muscle pains, accessible any time in need.

Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | Cha Siu Papers Times

Father's Day Promotion

Ready to reach peak performance with HYDRAGUN? Slated to launch in Hong Kong on May 17, those looking to add HYDRAGUN’s top-of-the-line tool to their recovery routine will be able to enjoy a special launch promotion at a promotional price of HK$1,999 (HK$400 off) with the promo code HELLOHONGKONG from May 17- June 5. (Shipping is HK$99 by DHL Express and all purchases made are guaranteed with a 30-day returns policy and 1.5-year warranty.)

In addition, why not give your dad the gift of relaxation this coming Father’s Day, June 20. Help eliminate his muscle soreness built up between long days at the office and golf games, while aiding with everything from lowering blood pressure to fixing poor posture. The Hydragun makes for the ideal gift to help dads release tension, with all new purchases made from June 6 - 20 receiving $400 off with promo code FATHERSDAY400.


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