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Working From Home Furniture & Tools: The Essential List

Working from home might be a new concept for many, a ritual that has come as a result of the pandemic. But for freelancers, it's a norm and it's the flexibility and comfort of home that's the driving force for their motivation. Here are the ultimate essentials to set up a home office, tried and tested by the CSP Times team.

The Ergonomic Desk

You've probably received advice that standing every hour is essential for good posture and for your body. A Float Table makes this step all the easier with its adjustable height function. Float by Humanscale, a specialist ergonomics brand, is a revolutionary standing office desk that brings effortless operation to traditional sit-stand products. Its minimalist-chic aesthetic makes it adaptable to any office environment and replaces old technology with its electric option. Uninterrupted workflow at its best.

The Chair

This iconic chair by Humanscale is named aptly after what it's known for – freedom. Its personalised appeal means that it adjusts to any user, offering ease of use and intuitive comfort. Besides its groundbreaking design – which is both sustainable and efficient – the chair has a sleek and timeless facade that will last for years in a workspace or in your home office. No manual controls are required to get comfortable with this chair, thanks to its pivoting backrest and sophisticated weight-sensitive, self-locking recline mechanism that supports the user in any position.

The Charger

What's a home office without quick and easy charging solutions? NeatCharge is a simple yet sophisticated wireless phone charger that requires minimal effort to set up and use. The futuristic tool consists of a wireless charging pad installed underneath a surface making it virtually invisible from above. All you have to do is perch your phone above it and it charges without the clutter or wires often found with other chargers.

The Writing Desk

Finding a beautiful writing desk that doubles as a work desk can be challenging. The Commune Life offers both with its delicate walnut desk fitted with a drawer and cabinet front, top, side and back panels. Its legs are tilted obliquely outwards to lend vitality and character to the collection and will make a stunning addition to any workspace, big or small. Be sure to also explore the other options including the retro-chic Excelsior Writing Desk.

The Organiser

Standing tall and mighty in is solid American walnut construction, The Excelsior Bookshelf at The Commune Life is a tribute to the mid 20th century. Retro with its gridded façade, this statement piece will store all your books and files in a sophisticated manner. Your favourite books will also look uber chic on this wooden giant.

The Light

Never underestimate lighting in your office scenario. Just the right amount of light and focus can make all the difference. The Horizon 2.0 launched in 2011 and was honoured with the design industry's prestigious Red Dot Award thanks to its innovative Thin Film LED Technology and striking minimal design which also earned it a place in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. Coiciding with the brand's devotion to functionality, light quality, and energy efficiency, this piece is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

And Rest...

When the day comes to night and it's time to put away the files, notes and switch off the computer, one enjoys a well-deserved post-work relaxation – perhaps with a cuppa and a favourite film or book. The cool Rover Sofa holds enough for three seats – or a good sprawling – over its plush and comfortable upholstery cushions. Its rustic look is achieved with the use of dark topical wood, European beech, vintage-inspiread leather, traditional British tweed, wire grills and brass caps. What better way to round up a day at work?


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