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10 Minutes with…Bernice Liu, Actress

An interview with Bernice Liu, Canadian/Hong Kong actress and founder of wine company Bellavizio

Image courtesy of Bernice Liu

Image courtesy of Bernice Liu

Image courtesy of Bernice Liu

The Questions

1) Favourite childhood movie? Annie.

2) What was the last thing you did before this interview? Radio.

3) What’s your favourite Hong Kong snack? Egg waffles.

4) What makes you smile the most? My doggies! All 7 of them!

5) Heels or sneakers? Sneakers.

6) What’s your pet peeve? When people hold the wine glass by the glass and not the stem!

7) Best vacation? Honestly, I’ve been on so many memorable trips, but Bhutan was somewhere that is pretty sacred & special.

8) What’s your current passion? Finding fun ways to spend my quarantine period.

9) The most recent movie you watched? Phantom Thread.

10) Someone you admire? Maya Angelou.

Image courtesy of Bernice Liu


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