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10 Minutes With…Christian Storm, Artist

An interview with Christian Storm, Artist

Image courtesy of Christian Storm

The Questions

1) When did you start getting into art?

I got into graffiti in the early ’90s, before the internet was really a thing. I’ve always loved drawing so the adrenalin mixed with painting was a great combination for a teenager at that time. From then on, it opened up a new world of opportunities—one of them being to travel and learn about new cultures.

2) Who is your favourite artist?

Some people that I admire include the German Industrial designer Dieter Rams, the Czech painter Alphonse Maria Mucha, the Danish Architect Arne Jacobsen, and the Dutch graffiti painter Delta. All these great people have helped shaped what I love doing today.

Image courtesy of Christian Storm

3) How do you find living in Korea in comparison with Denmark?

It’s a different life in many ways. The culture, traditions, language, and food are nothing like Scandinavia And Denmark. But it’s part of a new and exciting chapter in my life and has given me so much new inspiration. I really enjoy this part of my life.

4) What is something you learned in the creative industry in Denmark? And abroad?

Making the move to travel back to Korea in 2017 was a reaction based on having travelled across Europe for many years. I wanted to inspire in other parts of the world which weren’t influenced by Western culture. Korea still has a mix of old and new ways which I admire. I don’t have a traditional background in the art world, but just moved for my passion in painting graffiti, and loving architecture and industrial design. Meeting others with similar interests has taught me how similar we all are and how to deal with things.

Image courtesy of Christian Storm

5) What is your relationship with Hong Kong?

While I was in Korea in 2018 I was invited by HKWalls for their annual event during ArtBasel. And I was painting a couple of murals in Central. Here I build some new relationships with local artists and companies that inspired me to revisit in 2019.

6) What is your most recent piece of work and what is the inspiration behind it?

My partner and I just finished our first exhibition together in Seoul at Everyday Mooonday Gallery. This was a great experience and it has inspired us to work more together as a team. We are currently experimenting with new materials such as marble and granite in our art, and we have some interesting projects coming which involve some furniture companies.

7) Favourite place to gather your thoughts?

I have always used painting as a meditative process, yet there are also many hikes in Korea that help me collect my thoughts. I am now here in Denmark for the summer and—amidst the COVID epidemic—it’s helping me improvise and find ways to collect new ideas and inspiration.

8) Best holiday destination?

When I was a kid, I used to go camping around Europe with my mum, my dad, and my sister. I am fortunate enough to have travelled around the world—for work and holidays.

Image courtesy of Christian Storm

9) Where would you like to go next?

I'm currently back in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I’m planning another project later this summer in Switzerland. Eventually, I will return to Korea later this year depending on the virus situation.

10) What are your next steps in your career?

Pushing myself as an artist and hopefully being able to continue working with my partner, Junkhouse. I would also love to visit Hong Kong again.


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