10 Minutes with…Jen Balisi, Founder of Indulgent Eats

An interview with Jen Balisi, Food, Travel & Lifestyle Photographer & Writer, Founder of Indulgent Eats

Name: Jen Balisi | Occupation: Food, Travel & Lifestyle Photographer & Writer | Location: Hong Kong/New York | Known for: Food & Lifestyle Photography, Instagram Account for @indulgenteats

Hong Kong is home to an abundance of creative talent, spanning across different career paths from journalists to feng shui masters. Each week we interview creatives and entrepreneurs from across the city to learn more about their passions and aspirations. This week, we got up and personal with Jen Balisi, a Hong Kong-based Instagram-famous (@indulgenteats) food, lifestyle and travel writer and photographer.

Image courtesy of Jen Balisi, Indulgent Eats