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10 Minutes with…Jen Balisi, Founder of Indulgent Eats

An interview with Jen Balisi, Food, Travel & Lifestyle Photographer & Writer, Founder of Indulgent Eats

Image courtesy of Jen Balisi, Indulgent Eats

A Little Background…

Jen Balisi grew up in a Filipino household where food was integral in the culture. With a passion for food, she moved to New York City—possibly the food capital of the world—to attend undergraduate business school at New York University. Jen worked at American Express as a digital and mobile marketer whilst she built up Indulgent Eats, which started as a blog and gained a huge following (376k at this moment)—so she decided to continue to pursue photography and writing. Jen moved to Hong Kong after 10 years in NYC with her fiancé and now works with restaurants, brands and lifestyle products to provide sponsored content creation and partnerships to clients.

Image courtesy of Jen Balisi, Indulgent Eats

The Questions

1) Favourite food?

Pizza! Dumplings are a close second though

Easy Slow Cooked Chicken Adobo | Image courtesy of Jen Balisi, Indulgent Eats

2) Favourite recipe that you can cook at home?

My pumpkin mac & cheese – making bechamel for the cheese sauce is a labor of love that pays off and the dish is just oh so comforting. That and this easy chicken adobo!

3) What’s your favourite book?

Harry Potter

4) How do you start your days?

Because of the time difference, I have to start most days posting on Instagram to take advantage of most of my audience being in NYC (8PM EST // 8AM HKT)

Sip Song | Image courtesy of Jen Balisi, Indulgent Eats

5) New York or Hong Kong?

It’s usually a very close call, and I normally choose NYC, but right now I’ve never been more grateful to live in Hong Kong

6) What do you usually eat for breakfast?

I usually don’t since I try to keep up intermittent fasting, but if I’m too hungry or treating myself it’s soft scrambled eggs or a lox bagel

7) Bucket list country?

French Polynesia, give me the island life!

Homemade Recipe on Indulgent Eats | Image courtesy of Jen Balisi, Indulgent Eats

8) Favourite restaurant (this may be a hard one!)?

Based on my mood right now (constantly craving comforting Italian food thanks to COVID lol) I’d say Emilio’s Ballato in NYC or Posto Pubblico in HK

9) Guilty pleasure food?

Sizzling sisig 🇵🇭

️10) What is something you always travel with/bring to tastings?

My camera (either a Canon M50 if I’m shooting video or my Canon 77D), my portable LED light, and my Lumee light up phone case


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