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10 Minutes with…Lindsay Varty, Writer

An interview with Lindsay Varty, British/Macanese writer, professional rugby player and founder of Sunset Survivors

Image courtesy of Lindsay Varty

Image courtesy of Gary Jones

Image courtesy of Gary Jones

The Questions

1) What inspired you to write Sunset Survivors?

Growing up in HK, I always loved going to small traditional stalls rather than big ones. As I got older, many of them disappeared, so I wanted to document them and their stories before they were gone forever.

2) How do you spend your weekends?

Outdoors as much as possible: hiking, paddleboarding, or just on my roof!

3) What’s your most loved Hong Kong tradition?

Yum cha with friends and family or maybe lai see at Chinese New Year!

4) What’s your favourite Hong Kong snack?

Wah mui (dried preserved plum) or egg waffles.

Image courtesy of Lindsay Varty

5) Could you tell me a bit about your “walking tours” and “booking talks”?

I take people to visit some of the Sunset Survivors from my book—that way they can hear the stories first hand and learn about these industries too—maybe help them out a bit too if they see something they like! I also give talks to schools and societies about Hong Kong culture and identity.

6) Pet peeve?

People that refuse to try new food. Give it a go! You may love it!

7) What is your current state of mind?

Anxious but hopeful. (Deadly virus in the air)

8) What is something you would like to learn, but not yet had time for?

I bought a guitar with every intention of learning. I’m so bad though!

9) What is your motto?

No scars, no stories.

10) What is something that every person should do when in Hong Kong?

Forget the main roads and walk through the back streets to see the real Hong Kong.

Image courtesy of Lindsay Varty


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