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5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Chinese New Year

It feels like Christmas has only just finished yet the Chinese New Year is here already and while we couldn't be more excited, we're still recovering from those hefty December feasts. Reign in the Year of the Tiger with a healthy kick, while enjoying the festivities and abundant meals ahead. Nutrition experts Natural Plus share their top 5 tips on how to avoid the holiday weight gain trap.

This article is also available to read in Chinese (HK).

1) Opt for healthier CNY boxes

During the New Year, a full box is necessary at home to enhance the atmosphere of the New Year. Choose one with nuts and melon seeds in it. The calories in one jujube are equal to 14 pistachios. If you want to have a happy New Year but don't want to gain weight, nuts and melon seeds are your best friend.

2) Steam, don't fry

Pan-fried turnip cakes have 1.5x the calories of steamed turnip cakes. Three pieces of pan-fried turnip cakes plus one teaspoon of XO sauce are already equal to the calories of four slices of white bread. Steamed turnip cakes make a healthier option and are just as delicious.

3) Replace rice cakes with water chestnut cake

Rice cakes are one of the fattest and highest-calorie cakes. The calories in one piece of fried rice cakes are already higher than the calories of three slices of white bread. Nutritionists recommend water chestnut cakes if you're looking for sweet pastries. In addition to having less sugar, the saturated fat intake can also be reduced by more than 70%.

4) Drink enzymes before meals to clear stagnation and reduce cellulite

Enzymes are produced from fermented fruits and vegetables. The process is dominated by probiotics and plant enzymes. Through careful cultivation in a suitable environment, sugars are converted into organic acids, and various plant antioxidants and nutrients are activated. Probiotics and enzymes reached the gut, they balance the gut microbiome, decompose and expel oils and toxins, and facilitate absorption of needed nutrients by your body at the same time.

5) Drink lots of water

In addition to drinking tea during the New Year, remember to drink lots of water to decompose the fat and toxins accumulated during the holidays. Many people mistakenly think that drinking too much water will cause edema. But you need to drink at least 2.5 liters of water every day to have enough water in the body to eliminate edema.

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