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6 Cool Coffee Spots in Seoul


Image courtesy of Four Seasons Seoul

To say that Koreans love coffee would be an understatement. It is a nation where coffee and cafes have become deeply rooted in the social scene. As you roam around the streets, you will often find yourself lost amidst neighbourhoods of cafes, and there is no one better guide this aromatic journey with a list of cool coffee spots than Boram Kang, the Director of Restaurants of Four Seasons Seoul. Sip away through the six distinctive coffee destinations that showcase Seoul's evolving and ever-thriving coffee scene.

Image courtesy of Four Seasons Seoul


Four Seasons Hotel Seoul welcomes guests to its own “living room” at MARU, where windows open to the street scene in a space ideal for casual business meetings and socialising desserts, beverages, breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring refined interpretations of Korean favourites and classic lounge fare. Maru offers all-day dining from 7am to 10pm on lobby floor.

Image courtesy of Green Mile Coffee

Green Mile Coffee

Green Mile Coffee is very pretty looking cafe in one of the loveliest areas of Seoul – Bukchon Hanok Village. Specializing in green tea-based drinks and desserts, Green Mile Coffee has been a favorite of visitors to the Bukchon area for several years now. It holds its own in the café scene of the area, offering a peaceful space to find a little calm and rest after hours spent trawling the tourist-filled streets. The selling point is its rooftop which gives you a nice view of the tiled hanok roofs and even out to Namsan Tower on a clear day.

Image courtesy of Sasha Huang | CSP Times

Café Onion

Styled in a hanok setting, Cafe Onion in Anguk invites a tranquil sense of calm. The greatest pull here is undeniably their assortment of fresh bakes—that range from mentaiko buns to hojicha pastries to delectable pies. Its interior is minimalistic and you will experience a coffee time inside the harmony of traditional hanok and modern design.

Image courtesy of Starbucks Korea

Floating Starbucks on Han River – Starbucks Seoul Wave Art Center

Starbucks Seoul Wave Art Center is located on the 1st floor of Seoul Wave Art Center, a complex cultural space in Han River Park. The building is built in the middle of Han River and the full floor-to-ceiling glass walls provide a stunning 360-view of the waters. The Starbucks here offers stunning views of the river and surrounding areas with the city skyline in the distance.

Image courtesy of NUDAKE


If you enjoy people-watching on the streets of Gangnam or shopping, this cafe is right up your alley. A flagship store for the famed Gentle Monster, NUDAKE Seoul has made waves online for its modern and avant-garde layout. It’s one of the most trending cafes in Gen Z for never-before-seen artisanal desserts. The store-slash-cafe offers a grand retail experience with its eyewear and its sister cosmetics brand Tamburins on sale.

Image courtesy of Cafe Knotted

Café Knotted

Café Knotted is a famous donut café in Korea. Those familiar with Korean pop culture would be familiar with Knotted, a donut café that has kind of become a lifestyle icon. Donuts are served in a cup with the Yummy Smile imprinted and takeaways are served in a box, which is also very cute. There are many stores of Café Knotted in Seoul such as in Cheongdam, Anguk, Jamsil, and Hannam.


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