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6 Delicious Food Spots to Try at Old Spitalfields Market



Despite its humbler beginnings in the then-rural outskirts of east London, Spitalfields market has had centuries to flourish into the dynamic retail square that it is today. Now home to many independent businesses, Spitalfields is a perfect location to explore culturally diverse and authentic eateries nestled cosily between each other. Whether you're craving delicately curated curries, steaming noodle soups, or delectably crispy Neopolitan pizza, these food stalls promise to deliver exceptional culinary experiences.

All images courtesy of respective venues.


1) Karapincha

First popularised in the 1970's as an inexpensive street food meal in the Tamil regions. Karapincha's signature dish kothu roti is emblematic of the historical flavours and traditions of Sri Lankan cuisine. For only £10.50, you can enjoy a hearty bowl of chopped flatbread harmonized with savoury chicken and vegetables, an intricate array of aromatic spices, and a topping of pineapple chilli pickles and garlic mayo. Although this establishment's origins are steeped in cultural history, Karapincha’s menu is quick to accommodate our contemporary Western society with its vegan-alternative dishes, including a vegan kothu roti option and vegan crispy rolls. If you’re in pursuit of authentically prepared Sri Lankan meals, Karapincha will ensure your cravings are catered to with their comforting and complex home-cooked flavours.

Address: Old Spitalfields Market, 16 Horner Square, London E1 6EW | Website: | Phone: 07402 919268 | Email: | Instagram: @karapincha_kitchen | Facebook: Karapincha

2) Merkamo

Boasting exceptionally favourable reviews, Merkamo holds the promise of transforming your perspective on East African cuisine. Renowned for its healthy, vegan and gluten-free friendly menu, Merkamo's dishes range from Injera wraps, a fermented pancake-like flatbread made from teff flour that dates back to 600 AD, Ethiopian dhal, okra, lentils, sorghum seed peas and more. With a flavour profile that combines sour and savoury notes, coupled with its highly nutritional quality, Merkamo's dishes masterfully present the unique essence of Ethiopian cuisine.

Address: Old Spitalfields Market, Horner Square, London E1 6EW | Phone: 07432 600625 | Instagram: @merkamo.ethiopian | Facebook: Merkamo


3) Dumpling Shack

Revered for its culinary mastery and exquisite capturing of East Asian meals, the Dumpling Shack attracts both Chinese natives and London locals alike and features a diverse selection of noodle and dumpling dishes. For fragrant cumin beef noodles, savoury and spicy dan dan noodles, or a choice of 6 dumplings ranging in style from soup to pan-fried, this venue serves it all for under a tenner each. With diverse dietary requirements taken into consideration, Dumpling Shack also offers halal-chicken options. Through its authentic dishes and refined flavour compositions, this stall rightfully earns its celebrated reputation.

Address: Old Spitalfields Market, Brushfield St, London E1 6BG | Website: | Instagram: dumplingshack | Facebook: Dumpling Shack

4) Pho Street Eats

For bowls of steamy, aromatic Pho noodle soup and vitalising Vietnamese Buddha bowls, Pho Street Eats is the ideal Spitalfields location for a Southeast Asian pick-me-up. Rated a consistently satisfactory score, this food stall serves an exciting range of tantalizing Vietnamese street dishes, including banh mi sandwiches and spicy beef noodle soup that’s garnished with freshly chopped coriander and green chillies. This destination will leave your senses immersed in the soothing essence of lemongrass and the invigorating hints of refreshing lime.

Address: Old Spitalfields Market, Brushfield St, London E1 6AA | Instagram: @phostreeteats

5) Sud Italia

Cooked in a traditional Italian fire oven and served out of a charming baby-blue food truck, Sud Italia serves charred, crispy Neopolitan-style pizzas. Consisting of a modest menu of 6 different pizzas, this venue prides itself on its authentically sourced and fresh Italian ingredients. From its tomatoes that are grown in the Agro-Starnes-Nocerino region, to its Cetera-sourced anchovies, Sud Italia prepares pizzas with ingredients that are distinctly organic and rich in quality. Enjoy a classic Margherita, a pumpkin and gorgonzola cheese, or an artichoke, ham and mushroom pizza folded in a classic Naples-wallet style.

Address: Old Spitalfields Market, Brushfield St. London E1 6AA | Website: | Phone: 020 8176 6983  | Email: | Instagram: @sud_italia | Facebook: Sud Italia


6) Humble Crumble

This Instagram-famous establishment serving different types of quintessential English crumble desserts is a great way to finish off your Spitalfields trip on a sweet and cosy note. Their offerings of cinnamon-infused apple or tangy rhubarb and strawberry fillings can be topped off with a classic rich shortbread crumble, its vegan alternative, or a hearty superfood granola topping. Founded by 23-year-old entrepreneur Kim Innes in 2018 for the sole purpose of warming the stomachs of London locals in the winter months and spreading the joy of British crumble, this stall promises to engulf you in its pink aesthetic and decadent flavours and textures.

Address: Old Spitalfields Market, 105C Commercial St, London E1 6BG | Website: Phone: 07799 401483 | Email: | Instagram: @humblecrumble | Facebook: Humble Crumble


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