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6 Hotels in Tagaytay, The Philippines to Rest & Rejuvenate

From Taal Volcano to Tierra De Maria, the sights, sounds and smells that envelope Tagaytay are unparalleled along with the numerous opportunities which the Philippine city offers visitors to soak them all up, which is where the quintessential hotel to pause and recharge becomes dexterous. Luckily there’s no shortage of those too and we’ve found the foremost ones.

Photo courtesy of CSP Times

1) Qiwellness Living

Nestled in the hilltops away from the city centre, Qiwellness Living promises a holistic and authentic spa and teahouse experience in nature. This elegant retreat boasts panoramic views of the seascape and serves delightful dim sum sets inspired by yin-yang principles. There's a spa to unwind, while tea lovers will be at no shortage of choices when it comes to hot brews.

Address: Km. 58 Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy. Maharlika East,, Tagaytay City, Philippines | Website: | Email: | Phone: +63 917 522 6969 | Instagram: @QiWellnessLiving | Facebook: @QiWellnessLiving

Photography courtesy of The Lake Hotel Tagaytay

2) The Lake Hotel Tagaytay

Positioned along the boundless slopes of the ridge, it’s no great conundrum to comprehend why this functional, Mediterranean catalysed hotel, which boasts spectacularly panoramic perspectives of Taal Lake, along with a gym, gaming room, spa together with two natatoriums, is one of the island’s most applauded. Its whereabouts, only a short journey south from the ‘City of Smiles’ where tourists and inhabitants alike can partake in various activities, from picnicking to trekking, also make it the perfect place to recharge for the next adventure ahead.

Address: Km.58, Gen. Brgy., Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite, The Philippines | Website: | Email: | Phone: +63 46 413 4680 | Instagram: @thelakehoteltagaytay | Facebook: @Thelakehoteltagaytayofficial

Photography courtesy of The Carmelence View.

3) The Carmelenece View

On par with its predecessor, this is one which also basks in the agrarian landscape of Tagaytay whilst giving its guests the opportunity to do the same, through the landscapes it overlooks from Batangas Bay to the mountains of Makiling and Mindoro. Through its configuration, and usage of glass, together with indigenous materials, this is something which The Carmelence View emphasises and translates to its guests through considerable bedrooms, high-vaulted ceilings and conscientiously positioned mirrors.

Address: 117 Villa Carmelence 2, Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Maharlika West, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite, The Philippines | Website: | Email: | Phone: +63 917 584 3825 | Faceboook: @thecarmelenceviewtagaytay

Photo courtesy of Anya Resort

4) Anya Resort

Tucked inside one of the many corners which showcase Tagaytay’s abundant greenery, this is one which concentrates on maintaining the slower pace of life and encouraging their guests, within the 7.2 hectares of terra firms it rests on.

Address: Buenavista Hills Road, Barangay Mag-asawang Ilat, Tagaytay City, The Philippines | Website: | Email: | Phone: +63 917 704 6159 | Instagram: @anyaresorttagaytay | Facebook: @anyaresorttagaytay

Photography courtesy of Nurture Wellness Village

5) Nurture Wellness Village

Recognised by Asia Spa Magazine as one of the ‘Top Seven Spas’ in the Philippines, this hotel is a piece of paradise nestled deep in a coffee orchard where guests can indulge in a farmers-to-plate gastronomical offering before beginning a day of tranquility, whether it’s spent floating in the turquoise blue, infinity pool surrounded by flora and fauna or receiving a spa massage ingrained in traditional Filipino practices.

Address: Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West Luzon, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite, The Philippines | Website: | Email: | Phone: +63 9176878873 | Instagram: @nurturewellnessvillage | Facebook: @nurturewellnessvillage

Photograph courtesy of

6) Royale Parc Hotel

Punctuated by abundantly padded headboards, aquamarine bed throws and homespun barn doors, the Royale Parc Hotel, positioned only 3.7 miles from the island’s picturesque ‘Picnic Grove’, is both functional and discerning, making it perfectly suited for guests who appreciate both.

Address: 4X54+86X, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, West, Silang Junction South, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines | Website: | Phone: +63 968 428 3173 | Facebook: @itsmeroyalleparc


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