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6 Luxury Resortwear Brands to Pack in Your Suitcase

Take these summer-ready essentials from luxe resortwear brands for your next trip abroad.

All images courtesy of respective brands.

1) Borgo De Nor

If there was ever a brand that would see you through this summer, and every one after, Borgo De Nor with its Toile de Jouy floral patterns, overlaid with lacework, and “reminiscent of its co-founder’s backgrounds from El Salvador and Rio de Janeiro to Miami and Portugal”, would definitively be it. In 2017, the aforementioned co-founders, Carmen Borgonovo and Joana de Noronha, after wandering around London’s museums and contemplating on the indomitably impenitent women of the past, began to work towards introducing a brand which “transcends dress codes and destinations by redefining art-inspired glamour” to the ones of both the present and future.

2) Rixo

Born out of a university accommodation eight years ago, Rixo has traversed the world 100 times over, thanks to its assemblage of silhouettes envisaged by founders Henrietta Rix, along with Orlagh McCloskey, and catalysed by their admiration of epochal silhouettes, lifted out of the 20s, through to the 70s. Everything you need to put your own idiosyncratic signatory on the vintage-boom presently making its way throughout the landscape.

3) Ray-Ban

The appearance, of at least one sunglasses brand in a guide such as this, was always inevitable, highlighting Ray-Ban, born in 1936 and the instigator of numerous perennial frames such as the Aviator, required no momentous consideration.

4) Hunza G

Cut from a crinkle-stretch material incepted by 1984, underneath the helm of Peter Meadows and introduced in high-cut silhouettes, Hunza G, is broadly recognised as an applauded swimwear-orientated brand, designed to comfortably step out with their wearers, whether they’re diving into the deep blue, or strolling alongside the harbour.

5) Sea New York

Where do we start? At the bohemian-enthused lightweight Macramé knit silhouettes? The fringed detailing? Or the ruffled hemlines? Needless to say, Sea New York, brought about by longtime friends Sean Monahan and Monica Paolini, was born ready to reinvigorate your wardrobe, without being too bold. May we suggest beginning with their outerwear?

6) Dragon Diffusion

“From the pragmatic intelligence of the craftsman creator with an obsession for hand-woven bags, made from vegetable fibres and used daily as practical carry bags in indigenous communities on islands, atolls and remote coastal areas, these basket bags can be found in almost all countries in the world.” Needless to say, this is a brand founded by Craig Wright in 1985, which carries its own story, and with its practical accessories, interwoven from leather in an array of natural hues, it’s one we would gladly continue to carry forward, either slung over our shoulder, or swung by our side.


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