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8 Healthy Grocery Stores in Hong Kong


The foundation of a healthy lifestyle lies in healthy eating. It is not simply what we put into our bodies, but also how our diets impact the environment and nature. For those who wish to shop consciously, we've found the top 10 healthy grocery stores in Hong Kong offering fresh, environmental-friendly, sustainable and ethically farmed products for you.

Eat the Kiwi

Eat the Kiwi brings New Zealand’s organic products straight to your kitchen. For the long-term impact, Eat the Kiwi avoids plastic packaging with recyclable cardboard boxes. The online store offers only the freshest vegetables, and antibiotic-free, hormone-free and sustainably farmed eggs and proteins are flown weekly to Hong Kong’s top hotels, restaurants, yachts, and your house!

Website: | Phone: +852 6390 3823 | Email: | Instagram: @eatthekiwihk | Facebook: @eatthekiwi


In 2016, raw food chef Shima Shimizu founded FoodCraft with the mission ‘to provide healthy, allergy-free, alternative foods for customers looking for healthy and tasty’ and has since kept up its promise with great standards. Over the past six years, the company has grown significantly. Its online store offers over 2000 hand-selected products for the stomach, natural and organic cleaning products for the skin, as well as locally baked goods in their Kennedy Town location. What’s more, having an all-women team (with the majority being mums), FoodCraft is all about supporting each other, whether internal or external.

Website: | Email: | Whatsapp: +852 5539 0014 | Instagram: @foodcraft_hk | Facebook: @foodcrafthk

178 Degrees

Sourcing healthy and sustainable foodstuffs exclusively from New Zealand, 178 Degrees works with suppliers who hold a mutual philosophy and respect for nature. All products are carefully selected, offering the most natural, fresh and authentic taste of Kiwi life in Hong Kong. From grass-fed wagyu tenderloin to sustainable seafood and plant-based goodies like Manuka honey, organic tempeh and tofu, this one-stop shop has you sorted for any occasion, and rest well, as its sustainability initiatives stay vigorously true to its environmentally-friendly ethos.

Website: | Phone: +852 6625 5581 | Instagram: @178Deg | Facebook: @178Deg

SpiceBox Organics

SpiceBox Organics welcomes you to an organic food store and café certified by the USDA National Organic Program, where social consciousness is of the utmost importance. For its founder, Punam Chopra, the boutique is about sourcing and distributing high-quality and environmentally friendly food. Her passion for sustainable and organic food production grew from offering over 1000+ products, and freshly prepared grab & go meals to opening a new market and café at Tseung Kwan O, with a 100% vegetarian menu. Whether for cooking at home, on the go or for a relaxing dining experience, SpiceBox Organic has it all.

Website: | Instagram: @spiceboxorganics | Facebook: @SpiceBoxOrganics

Organic Plus

With the rise of healthy eating in the contemporary social conscious in the digital age, Organic Plus aims for transparency and authenticity. The brand has 8 locations across Hong Kong for those who practice conscious shopping, purchasing health, nutrition and sustainability products. It’s all about the community, local and global.

Website: | Phone: +852 2755 1880 | Instagram: @organicplus | Facebook:

iLiving HK

For those who are just beginning their wellness journeys, iLiving HK is the place to go. The company offers more than just its organic products. It offers personal advisory online chats, calls and other services. The professional team works with clients directly through a 6-Dimensional Approach for physical and spiritual fulfillment. Your purchases will not only be tasty and environmental-friendly but carefully crafted for your body.

Website: | Phone: +852 3904 1072 | Whataspp: +852 9838 7902 | Twitter: @Ms_Superfood


The story of Eat FRESH began in the humble home of three mums, Naoko, Annamaria, and Charlotte, in 2011, who acted on their needs for fresher vegetables. A few years later, after the joining of Health Coach Mia, Martina, and Chiara, Eat FRESH successfully flourished into an organic e-greengrocery delivery service offering the freshest organic produce with healthy recipes and tips. All of their products are locally sourced and seasonal for your healthy eating!

Website: | Whatsapp: +852 9785 3267 | Instagram: @eatfreshhk

Live Zero

Hong Kong’s first zero waste bulk store provides a wide variety of products for a green, waste-free lifestyle. From ingredients to daily essentials, the online delivery store and its 2 locations (33 High Street, Sai Ying Pun & 22 Yi Chun Street, Sai Kung) feature a mix of frozen and dry foods to fill your kitchen. No plastic in sight here!

Website: | Phone: +852 9433 3394 | Email: | Instagram: | Facebook:


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