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A Comforting Dining Experience at Harwood Arms, London's Only Michelin-Star Pub


Imagery courtesy of Jennifer Chee.

Nestled in the beautiful neighbourhood of London's Fulham, is Harwood Arms, London's one and only Michelin-starred pub. Dining experiences are course by course, beginning with traditional Guinness bread and creamy whipped butter. Diners are then invited to choose from an array of options sculpted off of traditional dishes such as sausage rolls, a Sunday roast and the classic trifle. The comforting yet innovative food pairings are only enhanced by the cosy atmosphere and chic interior of the pub building. From the outside, it looks like your average traditional English pub. However, upon entry, guests are met with a modern and stylish dining experience.

First Course

Included in our dining experience was a wine pairing upon request, three gorgeous wines that were carefully matched to the essences and flavours of the courses served.

We began our dining experience with a choice of appetisers.

I chose the Spring Vegetable Salad with cured Trout, Jersey Rolls and Smoked Sour Cream. It was paired with a light, fresh and citrusy wine that perfectly paired the salty trout. Vinegary pickles added to the saltiness, which was contrasted with the hearty potatoes and fresh asparagus. A herbaceous basil oil added a overarching freshness, which was enhanced by the peppery rocket.

The peppery rocket was continued in the smoky mayo, sculpting a deliciously light yet flavourful appetiser before the main dish. Textures were paramount as the fluffy potatoes contrasted the melt-in-the-mouth trout and crunchy asparagus, with the surprising pop of the fish roe to finish the ensemble.

My guest chose the Warm Pumpkin Tart with Quickes goats cheese and thyme garnish. The simple yet classy presentation also included a creamy yet rich mushroom sauce, which perfectly matched the subtle and creamy goats cheese.

As a usual disliker of goats cheese, it provided the perfect subtle cheesiness for the warm sweetness of the pumpkin. All of this was effectively tied together with the buttery pie crust and a warm nutmeg hint, creating an ensemble that was perfect for a cool London night. It was well paired with a deliciously full-bodied and smoky wine, continuing the classically homely tone of the dish.

Second Course

We followed our delicious yet contrasting appetisers with our second course. I decided upon the Berkshire Muntjac with a pale ale jus, prunes atop a chargrilled onion which lay on a bed of caramelised onion sauce, and wild garlic garnishing. Included in both mains were crispy baby potatoes, deliciously salty and brown.

The perfectly medium muntjac had the perfect melt-in-the-mouth texture and great seasoning. Also included in the dish was a sausage with fennel, which was a rich conclusion to the hearty and rich meal. Again, textures were well addressed with the silky meat, crunchy grilled onion and fluffy potatoes. The colourful plate was tied together in both look and flavour with the herbacious wild garlic, adding a freshness to the rich palate. Tying together the course was a woody yet subtle red wine, as a perfect drink for the meal.

My guest chose the Roast Cornish Cod with artichokes, white beans and hazelnuts, once again drawing the crunchy, melt-in-the-mouth and fluffy textures. I have never been one to choose white beans as an inclusion in a dish, however these were perfectly cooked to a distinct but subtle texture.

Crunchy samphire added a saltiness to the dish, and enhanced the tender cod as it perfectly flaked away. One of my favourite inclusions in fish dishes are capers, to add a delicious brine and vinegariness, creating a comforting flavour in a beautiful dish. Paired with the dish was a subtle and citrusy wine, matching the subtle flavours of the dish.

Final Course

I chose the Lemon Thyme Panna Cotta with rhubarb and warm beignets. The innovative take on the classic dessert was frosted with honeycomb that added a floral sweetness that perfectly matched the tart rhubarb. A very light dessert, with rhubarb jelly and matching icy sorbet, perfectly infused with herbaceous garnishing. To pair, a sweet and tropical wine with hints of pineapple. Both the dish and wine pairing were a welcome lightness after a heavy main course of rich and complex flavours,

To conclude the meal, my guest chose the Harwood Arms special at the time of our visit, a Pineapple Upside Down Cake with malted treacle and crème fraiche. An element I loved of this dish was the careful choice of two different yet complimenting preparations of pineapple.

The first, a roasted pineapple that added the perfect sweetness from the caramelisation; the second, spicy cinnamon pineapple chunks to add a warmth to the dish. As a contrast, a creamy creme fraiche to balance the toasted sweetness. Similar to the sweet dessert, a sweet yet complex dessert wine that had hints of aniseed to enhance the spicy cinnamon pineapple. The cake itself was perfectly moist and comfortingly warm as a welcome continuation of my rich muntjac main.


Address: Walham Grove, London SW6 1QJ, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 20 7386 1847 | Website: | Instagram: @theharwoodarm | Facebook: @thehardwoodarms | Email:


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