A Hawaiian Getaway at Wahtiki Island Lounge

The hip tropical vibes of a tiki bar never fail to cheer up a mood thanks to the upbeat soundtracks and quirky cocktails. Wahtiki Island Lounge’s founders have long been on the hunt to pursue the Island Pacific-themed concept, with its owner Philip Lee following the footsteps of his father who worked in tiki-inspired dining in the 1970s. Opening its doors in 2017, the restaurant and bar hosts regular happy hours, live music events and delicious seafood and meats for a casual night out. We visited the Hawaiian hotspot to try the fancy drinks and the property’s set-course Valentine’s Day dinner.

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times

Location & Vibe

Situated in Wyndham Street’s Seabird House, Wahtiki escapes the hustle of busy Central nightclubs and 7-11 beers, instead offering a calmer retreat for those looking to dine and drink without the wild crowds. The vibrant, tropical setting of this tiki restaurant and bar takes you onto an island paradise, yet is sophisticated with its elegant furnishings and dim lighting to keep a cool atmosphere. Wood-topped tables, cheeky “monkey” bottles and retro wallpapers dominate the space, making it feel nothing like Hong Kong—the canoe table was a unique touch and we actually ended up eating our meal on the insta-worthy ornament. There’s definitely a very “lounge” vibe to the space, particularly with the comfortable, plush seating and subtle neon lamps.


Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times

Tiki Heritage

One of the unique points about this Polynesian-themed