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A Profile On Magnifico, Hong Kong's Premium Jadeite Specialists

In jewellery, it's difficult to compete with the beauty of jadeite. The precious rare gemstone, typically an emerald tone, is loved for its glassy lustre and high-quality appeal. Luckily Hong Kong houses some of the world's finest jadeite and local brand Magnifico supplies and specialises in the premium goods. Founded in the 1990s (before launching its younger brand in 2018), the label provides modern jadeite creations for urbanites looking to uplift their outfits. Here's what you need to know.

Magnifico means magnificent or gorgeous in Italian and this brand represents just that and more. Jadeite is a time-honoured treasure in Chinese culture and it continues to strive as one of the most elegant, precious gemstones in the industry. For Magnifico, the aim is to pay tribute to its longstanding history and explore the modern interpretations of the beautiful gemstone.

Each piece at Magnifico uses A-grade jadeite to ensure the highest quality possible. It sets a new bar for everyday luxury that can be matched on outfits both casual and formal. But what's the difference between jade and jadeite? Jadeite comprises over 60% of the main mineral component which is more than jade, meaning it's considered a higher quality jade. Plus, jadeite pieces don't have standardised shapes and sizes meaning each jewellery has to be designed independently – there's no bulk producing here to ensure that each and every product is unique and cannot be replicated.

The expert craftsmanship behind Magnifico pursues a technique that is grand but not old fashioned, making it wearable and versatile for the modern woman.

Office ladies can easily transition between day to night looks thanks to the beauty of the jadeite.

Magnifico pieces are all designed and produced in Hong Kong at its workshop. "We love having our own unique jadeite shapes and cuttings", said the founder, "we have multiple K gold colour options, especially using 18k black coloured gold on our pieces which are seldom used in jadeite designs". It's affordable luxury at its finest.

The catalog at Magnifico spans all types of jadeite curations – from pendants and rings to brooches and decorations. Pieces can be kept for generations and passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter and so forth. And that's the timeless appeal of jadeite – it's a forever gift that can be treasured for years to come.

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Visit Magnifico in person:

Shop 101A4, 1st Floor, Phase II, Kings Wing Plaza, Shimen, Shatin, Hong Kong

Shop 25D, 3rd Floor, Shatin Centre, Shatin, Hong Kong

+852 9886 6960

All images courtesy of Magnifico HK.


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